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Post #161768881 added 02-17-2023 12:05 PM by sbihue in Deal Talk
If the car is on jack stands with wheels removed, slide the wheel under teh frame of the car in a way it doesn't obstruct your work. A safety net should a jack ever fail (it should not ever though)
Post #161618173 added 02-10-2023 4:15 AM by psyctto in Deal Talk
no idea if these are good, just good stands in general good one on the wife joke chief. you've never had a shop over-torque lugs and try to get them off with the 1ft bar that comes in most cars...
Post #161595343 added 02-09-2023 4:50 AM by PV9685 in Deal Talk
YOU DON'T DO AUTOMITVE WORK CLEARLY! People who own jackstands dont pay $900 for a tire package at the local rip-off shack that offers a free alignment that damages your car. Some of us own SHOP...
Post #161595310 added 02-09-2023 4:47 AM by PV9685 in Deal Talk
Locking pins are a dumb idea - just tells you the pawls do not function correctly on that model! The Pawls on jackstands LOCK under any weight as they must lift the cradle of the stand the full...
Post #161592613 added 02-08-2023 10:10 PM by Mastercylinder in Deal Talk
So you are saying these are quality stands? Next time you get a flat and have a hard time removing the lug nuts, have your wife remove them for you.
Post #161592142 added 02-08-2023 9:26 PM by MaxBasedBroAnon in Deal Talk
Clearly you don’t own an impact wrench. Takes like 10 mins and u can do from comfort of your home.
Post #161588941 added 02-08-2023 6:15 PM by SuShopping in Deal Talk
Yes, wouldn’t hurt to keep 2 bricks handy and slide under each wheel when the car is up, that’s my low budget safety hack
Post #161578669 added 02-08-2023 10:30 AM by WildRigger47 in Deal Talk
There's 2 very different aspects regarding that. He's not entirely wrong. The 200% load test is what falls into the safety margin, which is not to be considered the actual (ie. working) load of the...
Post #161577559 added 02-08-2023 9:49 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
Lots of good advice in that article, but he's wrong about: Therefore, a 6-ton rated jack stand has only a 3-ton maximum load individually.ASME says that individual stands must hold 200% of half of...
Post #161577508 added 02-08-2023 9:46 AM by WildRigger47 in Deal Talk
This guy did a fairy decent write-up on the topic of automotive jack stand load ratings. It's pretty accurate.
Post #161577169 added 02-08-2023 9:33 AM by cmxndjfg in Deal Talk
Can a Subaru Ascent be towed with these?
Post #161572882 added 02-08-2023 6:30 AM by psyctto in Deal Talk
agreed, same here... if i'm not doing anything under the rear or brakes, it's just on the floor jack and tires are barely off the ground. fronts are already off and i've already loosed the rear...
Post #161572732 added 02-08-2023 6:21 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
Exactly. Except that I don't even bother with the other set of stands in the back. I know, I know, people will frown at this for being unsafe, but 3 support points (jack stands in the front and...
Post #161572318 added 02-08-2023 5:57 AM by psyctto in Deal Talk
if somebody has already jacked up the front and has it on stands to do their oil... how much effort is it really to pull the floor jack around the back and crank it up a little, and slide another set...
Post #161572207 added 02-08-2023 5:49 AM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
Yes, the rating is per pair, but if you dig down into the ASME jack stand ratings, they say that each individual stand must hold 200% of half of the pair rating. In other words, each stand must be...
Post #161572147 added 02-08-2023 5:47 AM by psyctto in Deal Talk
yup, just 2 for the front of the vehicle, no need to lift the back at the same time... although, you should really be rotating tires when you change oil, which would require 4, less of a concern for...
Post #161571997 added 02-08-2023 5:36 AM by Chevyguy85 in Deal Talk
I was thinking the same thing but forgot how cars are rotated but on mine one side wouldn't work either :) Old school way or when using directional tires you switched front to rear though if I...
Post #161571934 added 02-08-2023 5:31 AM by Chevyguy85 in Deal Talk
You'd be fine. 3T is probably more than the max weight your axles can individually handle anyway. Even on my dually with the front end weighing almost 4600 and the rear weighing just under 3800lbs...
Post #161571811 added 02-08-2023 5:19 AM by nolife in Deal Talk
Acting as if front to back is not normal or mixing with a left to right the next time. Obviously if you are crossing that doesn't work.
Post #161571532 added 02-08-2023 5:05 AM by iIIuminati in Deal Talk
Thanks, I didn’t know that. Returned the Husky jack stand and opted for Black Widow car ramp for easier oil change in the future. It rated for 10,000 lbs.
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