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Post #162373510 added 03-17-2023 2:33 PM by NoEyeBrowsSparky in Hot Deals
Just got the last 3 in southern California for 150 each
Post #161813365 added 02-19-2023 10:42 PM by stevefernandez6 in Hot Deals
So lucky. Got the last one at my local HD here in Lancaster CA
Post #161805331 added 02-19-2023 12:41 PM by cruiser_csuf in Hot Deals
Thanks for your advice. I already have 3 diff battery platforms and don't wish to get into another. I saw two of these about 3-4 days ago at a near by home depot and should have just pick one up...
Post #161802166 added 02-19-2023 9:27 AM by m005ie in Hot Deals
I bought this saw before Xmas from with the same battery for $219 and I thought it was a good deal. If it's still available and you need a saw that won't piss you off in the middle of a...
Post #161801434 added 02-19-2023 8:49 AM by CyanPencil512 in Hot Deals
If you really want a good saw then this is it, comes with everything you need, including an HO battery. I doubt you'd easily find a high-end saw deal like this. But a good mid range option might...
Post #161756560 added 02-16-2023 9:00 PM by napville2000 in Hot Deals
Has anyone purchase and ship to store then return and repurchase at clearance price?
Post #161737036 added 02-16-2023 5:34 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
This blade right saw is used by both right and left handed people. They don't make saws for one or the other. Blade right or blade left, right handed or left handed, there are advantages and...
Post #161735596 added 02-16-2023 2:08 AM by iIIuminati in Hot Deals
Why Milwaukee only make the left hand version of this? The right hand one is rear handle and it's less comfortable to use than this version. The hell did their RD thinking when making this left...
Post #161687572 added 02-13-2023 5:33 PM by thelongtrek in Hot Deals
I believe it’s just that the new kit they’re stocking is the one with the 12Ah battery not the 6Ah.
Post #161633578 added 02-10-2023 5:44 PM by grauel12 in Hot Deals
Getting hard to find in stores. But you can even use the military discount for the win.
Post #161632696 added 02-10-2023 4:55 PM by VoBoy in Hot Deals
Self control is definitely a slickdeal! Lol
Post #161610694 added 02-09-2023 4:39 PM by papichino30 in Hot Deals
How does the power compare to a corded 15amp 7 1/4 circular saws? Like skill, craftsman or DeWalt
Post #161605552 added 02-09-2023 12:42 PM by cruiser_csuf in Hot Deals
You guys are really awesome and really helpful. Great community here. The break down in its part make this very nice deal but I think I'm going to stick with Ryobi/M12 as I would then have excuse to...
Post #161603254 added 02-09-2023 11:10 AM by J03 in Hot Deals
Damn, thought this was the M12 saw. Been waiting on a deal for that but it's just 'impact driver kits' posted here every other day.
Post #161599405 added 02-09-2023 8:29 AM by DealerBee in Hot Deals
Are they coming out with a new model this year?
Post #161598925 added 02-09-2023 8:07 AM by xsboost in Hot Deals
It's a good deal if you're getting into the M18 line since you don't already have batteries or a charger. The 6.0 goes for $60+ in the open market and the charger for $20+. So, you're paying about...
Post #161598430 added 02-09-2023 7:47 AM by 4Kazter in Hot Deals
This saw uses a brushless motor, meaning 30-50% more powerful and longer battery life than the brushed counterpart. Plus this is a Milwaukee's fuel version, meaning slightly more powerful than a...
Post #161593987 added 02-09-2023 1:41 AM by Talysdaddy in Hot Deals
Amazon has this for $167.62, tool only though, for those that can’t find it locally..
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