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Post #161662522 added 02-12-2023 11:28 AM by goldensons in Deal Talk
Is the LSA for the battery too? How if the battery is degraded normally after 2-4 years used? Do they will replace it?
Post #161615413 added 02-09-2023 8:55 PM by dogma1331 in Deal Talk
Closest I've seen was beginning of Nov A 6ah and 4ah + bag was $82 using the BOGO hack. Hopefully they'll bring it back Got one, but now wish I had bought two. ​
Post #161614012 added 02-09-2023 7:33 PM by johnnyblades in Deal Talk
i LOVE my ridgid tools. i have the sub compact drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, the mult material cutting saw, the bandsaw, the light cannon, and the mat light. every one of them is...
Post #161611084 added 02-09-2023 4:58 PM by dud in Deal Talk
Please prove it. The latest DTO deal was only available IF you drove to a store. Prove it ...
Post #161610346 added 02-09-2023 4:23 PM by notacreep in Deal Talk
They’ve been handing those out like candy
Post #161606911 added 02-09-2023 1:38 PM by dud in Deal Talk
I currently own 14 Ridgid 18v tools and a number of 4 AH batteries. What I am looking for is a set of 2 AH batteries. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a deal on the smaller batteries?
Post #161604961 added 02-09-2023 12:19 PM by kqian111 in Deal Talk
FP worthy for sure
Post #161604784 added 02-09-2023 12:12 PM by SeriesXM in Deal Talk
I bought this exact deal last year when it was $99 and now this year it comes up a lot at $79, but I've never seen it less than that.
Post #161603743 added 02-09-2023 11:29 AM by FloridaPhil in Deal Talk
I've been using Ridgid tools for a very long time and have had only one issue. A few weeks ago, my old corded ROS's rubber pad was deteriorating. Went online and asked for a replacement under the...
Post #161603524 added 02-09-2023 11:21 AM by FloridaPhil in Deal Talk
They are 4Ah batteries. Just received this deal. :)
Post #161602651 added 02-09-2023 10:44 AM by PurpleSummer207 in Deal Talk
I want a 6ah deal 😢😰
Post #161602483 added 02-09-2023 10:38 AM by Jeff_In_Louisville in Deal Talk
I just called ridgid about problems with two batteries from my original 2014 drill set. Received 2 new batteries in 36 hours from the call. Easy fix & they told me I can just do it online in the...
Post #161602438 added 02-09-2023 10:36 AM by bobbfrommn in Deal Talk
No, your first instinct was right, it is.
Post #161601229 added 02-09-2023 9:46 AM by SeriesXM in Deal Talk
I'm gonna have to come back here in a few days to be certain, but I'm pretty sure this is the dumbest thing I'll read all week.
Post #161599651 added 02-09-2023 8:39 AM by Evann89581 in Deal Talk
The only problem with this is that in order to use Ridgids LSA, you have to use Ridgid tools and nobody wants to deal with that nonsense. If you are going to slum it I would at least choose a brand...
Post #161596129 added 02-09-2023 5:41 AM by langnex in Deal Talk
Exactly no way it was 4.0 … very cheap considering it is lifetime warranty! Unlike Milwaukee warranty which is a joke! I switch over to mostly Milwaukee tools and landscaping! I purchased a 8.0...
Post #161595841 added 02-09-2023 5:22 AM by tdog1960 in Deal Talk
Was it the 4.0 batteries.
Post #161595736 added 02-09-2023 5:16 AM by goodness97 in Deal Talk
I bought a similar deal from Home Depot for $50 last year. The only difference is that this includes a bag. Hope they bring back that deal.
Post #161602021 added 02-09-2023 2:15 AM by SubZero5 in Deal Talk
Home Depot has 2-Pack Ridgid 4Ah Batteries w/ Charger & Bag (AC93044SBN) for $79. Shipping is free or choose ship to store for free store pickup where stock permits. Note: Pickup availability will...
Post #161594125 added 02-09-2023 2:15 AM by tunabreath in Deal Talk
Home Depot has RIDGID 18V Lithium-Ion (2) 4.0 Ah Battery Starter Kit with Charger and Bag for $79. Shipping is free. ...

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