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Post #162425998 added 03-20-2023 2:19 PM by ffj in Deal Talk
The deal is still live. I found a location that supposedly had them. Drove there, no dice. Two employees recommended I purchase online for pick up. Did so and they substituted with a similar item. It...
Post #162416359 added 03-20-2023 6:55 AM by HonestBike3977 in Deal Talk
Deal isn’t working, Walmart wants to charge $49.97 for freight shipping.
Post #162393307 added 03-18-2023 5:57 PM by JonathanM8162 in Deal Talk
In for one my daughter will love it. And just in time for her bday
Post #162386968 added 03-18-2023 10:30 AM by HunterGatherer in Deal Talk
Something like this is good to test your interest, and get you started. But, you can do a full, basic, video studio with lighting, shades, backgrounds, frames, various color temp bulbs, tripods, etc....
Post #162367078 added 03-17-2023 9:17 AM by KeithK6214 in Deal Talk
How quickly will I become famous?
Post #162352537 added 03-16-2023 3:21 PM by Reenpea in Deal Talk
If you want to check out my review on the kit that I did, enjoy: I actually watched a few before I purchased. Most of them weren't as comprehensive....
Post #162337873 added 03-15-2023 10:19 PM by will403536 in Deal Talk
Got it today. The way the ringlight attaches to the top of the tripod seems really dumb, it cannot truly be sturdy/firm because it's essentially screwing a screw perpendicularly into a metal rod like...
Post #162335767 added 03-15-2023 7:53 PM by sys_err0r in Deal Talk
Can I see sample photos of your OF? for research purpose of course
Post #162316051 added 03-14-2023 8:45 PM by 1CheapSOB in Deal Talk
I can finally be a you tube star!
Post #162295330 added 03-13-2023 10:51 PM by George_P_Burdell in Deal Talk
Yes. I use it for OnlyFams
Post #162295315 added 03-13-2023 10:49 PM by TheOgre in Deal Talk
Pom videos? Like an ad for POM juice bottles maybe?
Post #162294607 added 03-13-2023 9:33 PM by BrokeSlick in Deal Talk
Prom videos?
Post #162293023 added 03-13-2023 7:47 PM by Willyboy098 in Deal Talk
Can I use it to make PRON videos with the wife?
Post #162289579 added 03-13-2023 4:03 PM by Paradisesales in Deal Talk
In for 3 for free shipping.... thanks op!
Post #162289357 added 03-13-2023 3:49 PM by WifiCollector in Deal Talk
Time to switch career after this deal
Post #162289258 added 03-13-2023 3:43 PM by SplendidSoda171 in Deal Talk
I guess it presented zero risk of damaging your digital tool.
Post #162288790 added 03-13-2023 3:16 PM by plasbo in Deal Talk
Regarding pictures of Ebay items, whiteout background makes you look like a scammer.
Post #162287533 added 03-13-2023 2:10 PM by brianS8024 in Deal Talk
This drives me crazy
Post #162286243 added 03-13-2023 1:09 PM by Big22 in Deal Talk
I finally opened and used it today. You won’t be disappointed. It’s pretty good. The little mini tripod is like a free prize. It’s pretty nice
Post #162284950 added 03-13-2023 12:10 PM by WhatIsThis in Deal Talk
Hahaha same here
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