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Post #162592378 added 03-28-2023 5:56 PM by CleverChannel404 in Deal Talk
Not available in Georgia stores.
Post #162530011 added 03-25-2023 3:41 PM by CleverCrib574 in Deal Talk
Why the price low?
Post #162485053 added 03-23-2023 11:27 AM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
Had mine about 4 years with 0 issues with 1-3 cups a day. Great deal if you can get lucky.
Post #162393220 added 03-18-2023 5:51 PM by SalmanC in Deal Talk
Do I have to ring out in store to get the price? The website shows my store has it but listed online at full price.
Post #162302650 added 03-14-2023 9:32 AM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
Hey bro, i think it’s you and not the coffee maker. Mine has been running like a tank for about 5 yrs. If you’re just turning on give it a few seconds before selecting the cup size after u put in...
Post #162302587 added 03-14-2023 9:29 AM by BuddyLove99 in Deal Talk
It works by making iced coffee 😁 jk. It slows the brew and reduces the amount of water. Works pretty well for a coffee alcoholic beverage.
Post #162262732 added 03-12-2023 8:38 AM by tiggerooze in Deal Talk
Why is this "tech and electronics?" because it uses electricity?
Post #162262195 added 03-12-2023 8:00 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
oos everywhere
Post #162262030 added 03-12-2023 7:49 AM by chaoticz in Deal Talk
You mean not donating to a landfill because the product has been going a long time?
Post #162257668 added 03-11-2023 8:56 PM by arneljr in Deal Talk
We have this at my work and would not recommend. We've only had it for like less than 3 months and it's been having issues already. I checked that the water is full and there's a pod inside, but...
Post #162255148 added 03-11-2023 5:54 PM by PurplePenguin830 in Deal Talk
Wow congrats on your landfill donation. Pathetic
Post #162250297 added 03-11-2023 12:56 PM by Edbmsm in Deal Talk
It's a setting that _slowly delivers a smaller amount of water for max coffee concentration. Of course, you have to provide the ice. Fyi, in normal brew settings, I think this has the "strong"...
Post #162249457 added 03-11-2023 12:09 PM by Bitemeagain in Deal Talk
I bought it at San Francisco west if that helps. They still had 2 left as of yesterday. Brickseek doesn’t show the clearance price.
Post #162248050 added 03-11-2023 10:48 AM by ArchangelSFV in Deal Talk
Only Brushed Silver on clearance. Gold and Slate are not. Not 1 store only, but def limited qtys. I went to 2 in LA. First that Brickseek showed as "limited qty" only had Slate, which came up full...
Post #162244663 added 03-11-2023 7:30 AM by HapShaughnessy in Deal Talk
Wild goose chase. Likely a single-store deal.
Post #162244426 added 03-11-2023 7:22 AM by CharlesK710 in Deal Talk
Same here still full price
Post #162244252 added 03-11-2023 7:13 AM by mako7722 in Deal Talk
It not around me ..still full price in RI
Post #162242446 added 03-11-2023 5:14 AM by JustinL1 in Deal Talk
Sometimes I think these older models work better than the newer ones to be honest. No screen to break, no new style pods to use, etc.
Post #162241288 added 03-11-2023 2:27 AM by vitae1979 in Deal Talk
Post #162240679 added 03-11-2023 12:41 AM by QueensGambit in Deal Talk
Have this model… been going strong for like a decade now or however long I’ve had it. Love it
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