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Post #163008635 added 04-18-2023 7:56 PM by tennislover1234 in Hot Deals
Do you know how to choose pants? Do i need to take the pants to the tailor?
Post #163008503 added 04-18-2023 7:49 PM by jason.himself in Hot Deals
Now back to $395
Post #162619441 added 03-29-2023 9:49 PM by MacsAre1 in Hot Deals
Price is now $90
Post #162504523 added 03-24-2023 9:39 AM by PancakeMine in Hot Deals
Thanks. Ordered 3 suits on sale. I agree polyester suits are inferior to wool, but it gets the job done for me for work purposes. $100/suit is pretty good. It’s been 4 years since I last bought these...
Post #162503524 added 03-24-2023 8:52 AM by AndresSev7n in Hot Deals
What’s “trash” for some it is treasure for others! This is about deals! And hey! Certainly it is a deal for most!!! Or find a deal on kiton or brioni
Post #162498940 added 03-24-2023 3:12 AM by AquaGoat286 in Hot Deals
Macy's, JC Penny's, Mens Warehouse anywhere will measure you for free. Or there are lots of articles or videos online if you're the do it yourself type. Will need one of those soft flexible...
Post #162492430 added 03-23-2023 5:30 PM by realdealskr in Hot Deals
I got mine today and it was just the pants no jacket. What kind of people do they have working there that don’t know a suit has both pieces?
Post #162488644 added 03-23-2023 2:19 PM by artrickwo in Hot Deals
It doesn't work with a cheeseburger build either unfortunately
Post #162485296 added 03-23-2023 11:37 AM by BradFang in Hot Deals
Not for this deal but what you're looking for is called suit separates. Also it's worth considering that even if the pants are too big of a size they are closer to true to size than normal...
Post #162483229 added 03-23-2023 10:05 AM by BuddyLove99 in Hot Deals
Is this the kind of stretchy dress material that the wrestlers use?
Post #162482917 added 03-23-2023 9:49 AM by Zdhow in Hot Deals
Bought this on March 13th and it arrived on March 21st. Nice suit for $100. Fits me fine off the shelf. Only needed to get the pants hemmed. You don’t need $600 suits. This one is just fine for most...
Post #162482116 added 03-23-2023 9:17 AM by SlickSmiles in Hot Deals
You can get something much higher quality at Jos A Bank for this price on clearance. I just got a Reserve suit for $99. Here's some useful info about the different Jos A Bank suit categories: ...
Post #162477064 added 03-23-2023 4:50 AM by Souldrum in Hot Deals
This sale is for a lot of different suits--for those interested in slightly higher-end, I ordered the Hugo Boss wool suit separates for $199. The suit arrives tomorrow, hopefully it's decent. I...
Post #162475936 added 03-23-2023 12:55 AM by farhaddad in Hot Deals
If it looks this bad on their website after photo editing and on a model, imagine how it will look in reality!
Post #162474697 added 03-22-2023 9:52 PM by kylepaqu in Hot Deals
I had to order another one because the first one didn’t fit. My second one just got delivered with only a jacket. Really sucks because I leave for a cruise in 2 days and I doubt I’ll get replacement...
Post #162474496 added 03-22-2023 9:31 PM by LovelyChicken3560 in Hot Deals
Where are the pant sizes? When I go to order it asked for the jacket size but not the pants and just allows me to buy the suit. What size pants are they throwing in??
Post #162474109 added 03-22-2023 8:53 PM by smcallah in Hot Deals
Yes, local Goodwills and other thrift stores always have a full selection of suits with all of the pieces, the color you want, and your size. So easy to just walk in and pick one up exactly when you...
Post #162381094 added 03-17-2023 11:33 PM by JollySwing8705 in Hot Deals
I need a cheap solid black suit, anyone have any recommendations? They don’t have a solid black one for this deal
Post #162370666 added 03-17-2023 12:00 PM by scbe3 in Hot Deals
Is it just me or does happen to others? I pulled the trigger last week, got it last night. Just a top half (what do we call that? jacket?) NO PANT I thought they advertise it as a suit. Is it a...
Post #162369979 added 03-17-2023 11:23 AM by Gammon in Hot Deals
Always the polyester/spandex on slick deals
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