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Post #162433633 added 03-20-2023 9:26 PM by King_CiKi in Hot Deals
I had same issue. I m trying to build a pc, one guy was selling 7900xt for $660 on FB marketplace. I didn't have anything to test on so I didn't pull the trigger, now its sold!
Post #162421615 added 03-20-2023 11:16 AM by inkaddict23 in Hot Deals
Found it through offer up and it’s definitely a leap of faith but seller seemed pretty legit I was able to pick up at his home and he even showed me his new build with a 7900x which is the reason he...
Post #162419206 added 03-20-2023 9:24 AM by DonkeyFinest in Hot Deals
This is definitely not worth the asking price right now. A 6700 XT is 360. This is only about 17% faster if that. Yet it's about $125 more. If it was a 6800 XT then it's might be worth it. Looks...
Post #162412168 added 03-19-2023 9:42 PM by gameson in Hot Deals
how far is a few months? until june/july? where do you buy your used one? and how do you know if the used one is not abused for mining, for example? leap of faith?
Post #162410806 added 03-19-2023 7:54 PM by inkaddict23 in Hot Deals
Agreed, I was able to score a 6950xt xfx for $450 from a local seller still under manufacturer warranty. If you don’t mind second hand it’s a great option to look into.
Post #162399697 added 03-19-2023 7:42 AM by chris431 in Hot Deals
This is overpriced by about $130. Wait a few months to avoid buyers remorse. If you must buy a GPU now, the used market is superior. The recent lowered prices are just the beginning. It's the...
Post #162351364 added 03-16-2023 2:28 PM by spiffytexan in Hot Deals
The 6800xt beats the 3080. This is in between a 3070ti and a 3080.
Post #162348169 added 03-16-2023 11:50 AM by slimdunkin117 in Hot Deals
I didn’t look at the link but the 6800(non xt), is a tad faster than a what he said was accurate
Post #162336151 added 03-15-2023 8:13 PM by Nick7850 in Hot Deals
this shit is incredibly inaccurate. it has a 6900xt beating a 7900xt which is simply not true. there are a ton of game benchmarks videos proving this.
Post #162335206 added 03-15-2023 7:14 PM by BrentH560 in Hot Deals
Agreed Powercolor 6800xt on Amazon for $520
Post #162333721 added 03-15-2023 5:48 PM by jiggydancer in Hot Deals
How is this a deal? This is almost the going price for non-XT.
Post #162333379 added 03-15-2023 5:28 PM by tshrimp in Hot Deals
The 6800 is just a bit faster than a 3070TI.
Post #162332911 added 03-15-2023 4:58 PM by Gb1908 in Hot Deals
Stop buying gpus
Post #162331033 added 03-15-2023 3:18 PM by b00gersugar in Hot Deals
not worth it. either spring for a 6800xt or save a bunch of money with a 6700xt or 6750xt
Post #162325045 added 03-15-2023 10:13 AM by cftaurus in Hot Deals
I think the 6750 XT deal on here is a better value ($100+ cheaper)
Post #162324916 added 03-15-2023 10:06 AM by bigcheesestick2 in Hot Deals
Or could of purchased one for a few months ago for exactly this price :D
Post #162323464 added 03-15-2023 8:58 AM by slimdunkin117 in Hot Deals
u misread his question or what?
Post #162323449 added 03-15-2023 8:57 AM by slimdunkin117 in Hot Deals
xt isn’t far off, it hits like 520$’s around the same price
Post #162317290 added 03-14-2023 10:35 PM by ShetBoyardee in Hot Deals
Are we still holding
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