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Post #162570667 added 03-27-2023 11:05 PM by JMBauer74 in Deal Talk
These are garbage, (See Photo). Had this a little over the 30 day return period, but Amazon was still kind enough to refund me for it.
Post #162521653 added 03-25-2023 7:17 AM by trpt4him in Deal Talk
Are these the ones that get hard when it's cold out?
Post #162500851 added 03-24-2023 6:36 AM by Blueridge77 in Deal Talk
Where do you get these?
Post #162496888 added 03-23-2023 9:56 PM by reflecter in Deal Talk
Got the 50ft couple months ago. 5/7 Would take it with me in the Explorer's Pack instead of the hempen rope.
Post #162493609 added 03-23-2023 6:30 PM by timbertop in Deal Talk
Recycled industrial quality made in the U.S.A. cords are by far the best deal for me. Old copper is higher quality and there are more strands. The voltage drop over distance is lower and they have...
Post #162487465 added 03-23-2023 1:26 PM by funnyperson1 in Deal Talk
If you're using this for EV charging, it's worth springing for 12GA IMHO. I was using a 14GA indoor/outdoor cable from HD for a while and it got noticeably warm (but not hot), but eventually I...
Post #162484672 added 03-23-2023 11:10 AM by ElatedHealth6110 in Deal Talk
Not sure you will find a link, as it seems to be a warehouse only deal. Here is an old link that contains a photo of the actual item (just for reference)....
Post #162484384 added 03-23-2023 10:58 AM by CrimsonStar4943 in Deal Talk
Do you have a link? I can’t find this.
Post #162484303 added 03-23-2023 10:54 AM by bobbyisking in Deal Talk
Costco has a two pack for $33. Used to be $30 for the two pack a few years back.
Post #162483454 added 03-23-2023 10:14 AM by Blueridge77 in Deal Talk
I appreciate that. But unfortunately the closest one is over 45 miles away and not available for shipping.
Post #162482971 added 03-23-2023 9:51 AM by johnp7796 in Deal Talk
Post #162482422 added 03-23-2023 9:29 AM by dcccc in Deal Talk
People complain about "not a deal" posts like this but at least it gives us lurkers good intel and info about what the prices are like now. I'm probably going to pick up that Yellow Jacket 12/3 100...
Post #162482101 added 03-23-2023 9:15 AM by slickymarky in Deal Talk
By SD standards, Depot's cord should be Frontpage
Post #162481150 added 03-23-2023 8:38 AM by claytonisbob in Deal Talk
Picked one of these up yesterday. They had plenty in stock, I think the $20 is the normal price so not sure why this yellow jacket amazon deal keeps getting posted.
Post #162480916 added 03-23-2023 8:29 AM by hpchen84 in Deal Talk
I am unable to find them at but I recently purchased in-store Prime Wire 25' 12/3 SJTW Yellow Extension Cord 2 Pack w/ Light Indicator for $32.99.
Post #162480472 added 03-23-2023 8:10 AM by sagefool in Deal Talk
Not for delivery (at least for me)
Post #162479728 added 03-23-2023 7:36 AM by Dvaren in Deal Talk
What absolute tool give you a down vote for that perfectly written and informative response? People amaze me.
Post #162479320 added 03-23-2023 7:13 AM by HonestLlama in Deal Talk
yes, and I bought the Yellowjacket 100ft 12/3 at sam's for ~$38 in 2020. so $25 for 25 foot is not great. yes. I keep the 100ft in my EV so in case I am ever in a really tight spot I can at...
Post #162478732 added 03-23-2023 6:44 AM by ELVATO in Deal Talk
I've seen them in store in FL.
Post #162478486 added 03-23-2023 6:30 AM by jeremyg5 in Deal Talk
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