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Post #163951811 added 06-08-2023 11:08 AM by skypig in Deal Talk
I think the actual brick and mortar store did go out of business, but the online presence and remaining stock got transferred to a new owner - sort of like what happened to Performance Bike a few...
Post #163934318 added 06-07-2023 4:16 PM by LonelyHiker in Deal Talk
I think it's funny how there was so much talk about them going out of business by the end of May. They seem to be very well restocked with new items, and still operating as normal. There are still a...
Post #163856921 added 06-04-2023 2:03 AM by superslickdeal in Deal Talk
TAKE50 no longer works :(
Post #163162679 added 04-26-2023 5:08 PM by Roman245 in Deal Talk
When are they making another price drop??
Post #162654154 added 03-31-2023 11:51 AM by AznCracker in Deal Talk
Oh wow it's 60% now. I just bought some boots 2 days ago and they shipped already *cries* Could have saved another $10 --- Waiting for the 70% off coupon before grabbing stuff I really...
Post #162559708 added 03-27-2023 12:04 PM by devo666 in Deal Talk
They are definitely closing. It was announced several weeks ago.
Post #162558886 added 03-27-2023 11:25 AM by miarfeus in Deal Talk
Yes, sadly Camping World decided to shut it down:
Post #162558046 added 03-27-2023 10:46 AM by AznCracker in Deal Talk
the 40% off was where the deals were at. Now there's barely anything left :( Should have pulled the trigger on a board. If you are looking for clothing, there's still some left.
Post #162555382 added 03-27-2023 8:38 AM by ottothecow in Deal Talk
Slim pickings at this point. Almost everything of value has been snatched up at 40% off. Lot of crap products left. Good stuff is still hiding in random clothing sections and oddly specific...
Post #162553681 added 03-27-2023 7:08 AM by MonstBlitz in Deal Talk
Careful when checking out: I get messages that some items in my cart are 'Out of Stock', but the items do not remove from cart and the 'Complete Order' is still there. I'm not sure what would happen...
Post #162553510 added 03-27-2023 6:57 AM by CyberAthlete in Deal Talk
They might be closing. They have almost nothing left in any category. I have bought stuff from them in the past and this will be a sad day when they finally close. They had a great selection and...
Post #162553198 added 03-27-2023 6:34 AM by plamlam in Deal Talk
There's a Framed Bikes FB group that's been proactive in identifying third party sources for their bikes' hangers I'd highly suggest checking it out you run out of hangers. Regardless I hope...
Post #162552487 added 03-27-2023 5:44 AM by Beakj1337 in Deal Talk
Seriously, what am I gonna do when I break my last hanger for my Framed? My shop couldn't get a match from the QBP catalog, I'm gonna have to start forging my own, lol.
Post #162551764 added 03-27-2023 4:13 AM by plamlam in Deal Talk
RIP: The House Picked up some spare skewers and derailleur hangers for my fat bike. That's it.
Post #162551386 added 03-27-2023 2:41 AM by Oisterboy in Deal Talk
Damn I just got a new bike and was hyped to get some custom parts for it. All sold out. I figured ah OK I'll get some tools. All sold out. Well maybe some stickers then. Skate companies have...
Post #162550456 added 03-26-2023 11:43 PM by AdolescentWings in Deal Talk
I was looking at the inline skates earlier today and spent a couple of hours doing research on sizing/fit. Because I wanted to do more street skating, I ended up getting the K2 Uptown in Size 12 with...
Post #162550015 added 03-26-2023 10:41 PM by AarBee in Deal Talk
Darn you daisybeetle!! Ended up spending over $550 on stuff that I was trying to put away. Don't forget folks, your favourite CB site gives 4.5%
Post #162548065 added 03-26-2023 7:36 PM by elmstreetslasher81 in Deal Talk
Literally nothing left Wtffffff
Post #162548008 added 03-26-2023 7:33 PM by elmstreetslasher81 in Deal Talk
Of course no Burton step on boots or bindings left
Post #162547699 added 03-26-2023 7:17 PM by Tarkov in Deal Talk
The skateboards are super cheap now, I bought a couple when they did the 40% coupon. I'm not sure how much longer before they're all sold out, but it can't be more than a few weeks.
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