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Post #163973741 added 06-09-2023 10:59 AM by SlickSmiles in Hot Deals
LMAO! And now these are going for less than MSRP on eBay. Lots of flippers stuck taking the L 😂
Post #163552562 added 05-18-2023 5:15 AM by aswinkumart in Hot Deals
I would buy in Costco paying $50 to get additional controller and carrying case
Post #163282265 added 05-03-2023 8:49 AM by bychance1 in Hot Deals
I think Warrenty is important for Joycon drift issue
Post #163198364 added 04-28-2023 1:16 PM by djpuma in Hot Deals
Just an fyi, this is in stock at aafes/shopmyexchange for $359 no tax. Military only. I just bought one and will return my target one.
Post #162918644 added 04-13-2023 11:16 PM by JonathanW1619 in Hot Deals
You can also get it from Amazon japan for 320 including shipping if you don’t mind not having warranty
Post #162725737 added 04-04-2023 8:45 AM by Para_noid in Hot Deals
Well it’s only $10 more than standard oled. Considering I mainly plan on playing on tv probably worth to buy the standard switch though right?
Post #162715054 added 04-03-2023 5:31 PM by trip1eX in Hot Deals
Well the Switch name still makes perfect sense for a future system that can also do VR besides being a handheld, tv console and rooftop party machine.
Post #162715030 added 04-03-2023 5:29 PM by Supply_and_Demand in Hot Deals
I remember how people were saying Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were going to be the best games of all time with a great story, great gameplay, great graphics and wide appeal. Didnt quite happen. ...
Post #162714667 added 04-03-2023 5:10 PM by Damships in Hot Deals
There's nothing wrong with critiquing graphics and processing power. I myself noticed several significant frame rate drops when playing Breath of the Wild and Pokemon. It's definitely noticeable, and...
Post #162713317 added 04-03-2023 4:09 PM by Iamcruz in Hot Deals
Going to use my jailbroken gen 1 switch to rip the Zelda files and play Tears at 4K 60 fps on the emulator. 🫶🏻
Post #162670981 added 04-01-2023 8:16 AM by njramsfan in Hot Deals
that console if i remember correctly MSRP at $550. $50 more than regular series x. so it was sold at a premium.
Post #162670906 added 04-01-2023 8:12 AM by njramsfan in Hot Deals
seems like this was supposed to come out last year but the game got delayed. so they delayed the switch too. and i guess at the time, they produced alot more.
Post #162667000 added 04-01-2023 12:54 AM by bluekiwi in Hot Deals
Of course
Post #162666598 added 03-31-2023 11:47 PM by SiennaAlpaca8961 in Hot Deals
Unboxing Video -
Post #162665578 added 03-31-2023 9:42 PM by jeremythecamel in Hot Deals pre-orders are live
Post #162663502 added 03-31-2023 7:00 PM by bieberwhole69 in Hot Deals
do switches still come with the stick drift 'feature' ?
Post #162663361 added 03-31-2023 6:51 PM by caveman01 in Hot Deals
I agree. Too many stores have this. As I mentioned, this is their last ditch effort to get money from an old system and so they can put that money for the new console production.
Post #162663289 added 03-31-2023 6:46 PM by caveman01 in Hot Deals
One thing I’ve noticed through out the decades I’ve been a gamer, the more publicity a game has before reviews and launch, the publisher/developer spent that much funding on the ads and paying people...
Post #162662482 added 03-31-2023 5:52 PM by caveman01 in Hot Deals
And only reason why I’m not buying it. Because the next revision will definitely have a Zelda game as well and will definitely release a version with Zelda design as well. The 3ds had it. The Wii...
Post #162654358 added 03-31-2023 11:59 AM by Harmonica in Hot Deals
Yes. Paying for collectability and paint.
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