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Post #162666565 added 03-31-2023 11:41 PM by rly723 in Hot Deals
Buy digital games and they'll give you 5% in gold coins. So if you redeem a $60 game, you get 300 coins or $3 to use towards a future purchase
Post #162645967 added 03-31-2023 5:09 AM by BraxtonF in Hot Deals
Cars 3 is actually a decent kart racer. Nothing else looks like it's worth trying for free
Post #162631897 added 03-30-2023 12:20 PM by JosephDirt in Hot Deals
Buy digital games or redeem them from physical carts. I’ve found a lot of my physical carts gold coins to be expired though… ...
Post #162630850 added 03-30-2023 11:35 AM by PorkSword69 in Hot Deals
Big fan of Forza 5-7, Assetto Corsa, and even GT3 back in the day… I don’t think these games will compete. More arcade-like.
Post #162629302 added 03-30-2023 10:29 AM by JihadJimmy in Hot Deals
was looking into WRC 8 or 9 years ago, and got discouraged by the bad reviews. I picked up Rush Rally 3 for the Switch, and have been loving that. how would WRC 10 compare to RR3, hopefully one of...
Post #162627013 added 03-30-2023 9:05 AM by WiseBike5526 in Hot Deals
Buy em all
Post #162626878 added 03-30-2023 8:59 AM by BrokePanda in Hot Deals
How do you get these good coins you talk about? Thanks
Post #162626428 added 03-30-2023 8:46 AM by RedC1537 in Hot Deals
I like rally racing, but a bit arcardy and with car damage. WRC 10 or V-rally 4...? Anybody played both?
Post #162625492 added 03-30-2023 8:06 AM by ensign in Hot Deals
WRC and Monster Truck Championship are both only single player on one Switch, but Multi-player online.
Post #162625384 added 03-30-2023 8:02 AM by fuzzyballz in Hot Deals
Hello Kitty Kruisers with Sanrio Friends has acceptable score. I might pickup MotoGP 20.
Post #162623803 added 03-30-2023 6:53 AM by sicmscratchy in Hot Deals
Hmm wrc10, Vrally4, or Truck racing championship, can't decide.
Post #162623299 added 03-30-2023 6:26 AM by vze3 in Hot Deals
If you seen how hello kitty is licensed to everything, I think the answer is obvious. but I really think it's worth this price.
Post #162623086 added 03-30-2023 6:15 AM by Enigma_Lake in Hot Deals
Get wreckfest (it’s more $ but worth every penny) on switch or preferably another more powerful console. Amazing game
Post #162623071 added 03-30-2023 6:14 AM by Enigma_Lake in Hot Deals
Full metal furies. Co-op. With online. Action with character building elements. I enjoyed it way more than their other rogue legacy games
Post #162622885 added 03-30-2023 6:04 AM by ConFu in Hot Deals
I miss Motorstorm, will any of these satisfy me?
Post #162622705 added 03-30-2023 5:50 AM by fernandoc5426 in Hot Deals
Is the Hello kitty on par with Mario kart?
Post #162621610 added 03-30-2023 4:13 AM by gonzoret in Hot Deals
WRC is not bad but you need to tweak your steering in settings cause there horrible. There’s a guy on YT with tips.
Post #162619486 added 03-29-2023 9:53 PM by Turncoatin in Hot Deals
Rogue Legacy is $2.02 if you like mildly infuriating but rewarding 2d platformers But of these racing games, I'd be surprised if any of them are good.
Post #162614134 added 03-29-2023 4:40 PM by rly723 in Hot Deals
My $2.50 in gold coins expires in a couple days, which is best cheap game to buy?
Post #162613906 added 03-29-2023 4:25 PM by ricburns in Hot Deals
bought wrc few days ago, Its good if you are into rally
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