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Post #162811901 added 04-08-2023 2:51 PM by Luigis3rdcousin in Hot Deals
If this was ryzen 5000 series sure. But 4000 series for this price doesn’t make sense. Knock 200$ off then yes
Post #162808418 added 04-08-2023 11:20 AM by FozzyFozborne in Hot Deals
What are your metrics for ‘overheating’? Laptops are limited by law to how hot any part of the body can get and opportunistic boosting of CPUs mean they’ll always run at their maximum ***SAFE***...
Post #162776699 added 04-06-2023 7:36 PM by SeriousApricot in Hot Deals
Damn. Maybe I got a bad unit then. I just assumed they were all like that!
Post #162776684 added 04-06-2023 7:35 PM by SeriousApricot in Hot Deals
I actively hold the laptop so that it has the most airflow possible. It still overheats like crazy. =(
Post #162776633 added 04-06-2023 7:32 PM by SeriousApricot in Hot Deals
I'm not sure. I always have it plugged in now. Unplugged I'll be lucky to get 2 hours. =\ All I'm doing is just web browsing.
Post #162753793 added 04-05-2023 4:44 PM by bigblue7722 in Hot Deals
600 for a 1080p? Is this 2015?
Post #162746395 added 04-05-2023 10:08 AM by SlickHerbals in Hot Deals
Any laptop that vents at the bottom is a really bad idea for users who actually use it on their lap.
Post #162723505 added 04-04-2023 6:53 AM by tbiard0312 in Hot Deals
7 years ago I got a Lenovo LaVie Z 13.3" which was 1.9lb with i7 and 8gb ram (normal back then). Obviously not 1lb, but 1.9lb is crazy light. I can hardly tell it is in my backpack. Frame is made of...
Post #162689812 added 04-02-2023 11:18 AM by crc888 in Hot Deals
no longer available
Post #162688387 added 04-02-2023 9:48 AM by noobee in Hot Deals
Is this available in store also?
Post #162688363 added 04-02-2023 9:47 AM by lasuka123 in Hot Deals
Same for me. My first laptop had heating problems, but exchanged it at Costco and 2nd one is excellent. Only problem I have is that the keyboard seems to be hard so need to press keys a bit harder at...
Post #162687082 added 04-02-2023 8:25 AM by TejanVerma in Hot Deals
Thank you for the information.
Post #162686950 added 04-02-2023 8:19 AM by riencore in Hot Deals
I can't answer that for you, sorry. I don't really follow gaming laptops as I mostly game on my desktop. I'm sure there are plenty of reviews and product overviews on Youtube that could point you...
Post #162686905 added 04-02-2023 8:16 AM by 02nz in Hot Deals
I go the Costco version of this last month and quickly returned it. The light weight was great, but the keyboard felt hollow and cheap, it ran hot, the fan was loud, and there was some weird bug (I...
Post #162686356 added 04-02-2023 7:48 AM by TejanVerma in Hot Deals
Which is a good option for this kind of price range ?
Post #162686320 added 04-02-2023 7:45 AM by riencore in Hot Deals
No, not at all. You can play some really light games and you might even get GTA V to run at the lowest settings at 720p, but it's not made to game. The iGPU is basically only good for productivity...
Post #162685951 added 04-02-2023 7:22 AM by TejanVerma in Hot Deals
Is this good for gaming? For GTA 5 kind of games as this has Iris xe graphics.
Post #162685777 added 04-02-2023 7:11 AM by terrapin01 in Hot Deals
With 1TB SSD's regularly going on sale for $50-70, I'm not settling for 512GB on a non-low end laptop anymore.
Post #162685708 added 04-02-2023 7:05 AM by JohnH1965 in Hot Deals
His laptop might have had the thermal paste poorly applied, it's happened to like 2 laptops I've brought
Post #162684307 added 04-02-2023 4:30 AM by rumata13 in Hot Deals
Touchscreen LCD - No
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