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Post #163826168 added 06-02-2023 9:22 AM by Tech_007 in Free Digital Goods
The amount of free games I have so far accumulated it looks like I need another lifetime to go through all that 😩
Any games worth grabbing for online multiplayer? My group of 4-7 buddies have been expanding our library and grabbing games as they go on sale. We have been jamming on the Jackbox series outside of...
Post #163779995 added 05-30-2023 11:28 PM by klobster in Free Digital Goods
Yall be sleeping on Samurai Showdown
And Windows. Sequels were Gamecube.
Gog had BG 2 EE a month ago for $5.
Post #163700126 added 05-26-2023 12:49 AM by Hawaiiana in Free Digital Goods
Thanks. Also, those who still uses Luna. God bless your heart.
Was that ever even out on anything besides N64?
My god. My childhood.
Post #163696103 added 05-25-2023 6:32 PM by essix8 in Free Digital Goods
Zero interest in any of these games, but added anyways.
The 5/18 free games are now live (Kardboard Kings, The Almost Gone, 3 Count Bout, Alpha Mission 2).
Post #163408646 added 05-10-2023 9:41 AM by demiurg in Free Digital Goods
Nope, you keep them forever. I canceled mine last year and still have access to the games I claimed during my membership through their own little launcher thing.
Post #163391048 added 05-09-2023 11:19 AM by Craigor in Free Digital Goods
I assume if you later cancel your Prime membership - these no longer are playable with your standard Amazon account... can anyone confirm?
Post #163321892 added 05-05-2023 8:48 AM by View92612 in Free Digital Goods
Yu can play it right away for 1 month. You cannot own the game. Also no installation required as it is a subscription-based game streaming service.
I loved rogue squadrons as a kid on the n64. The sequels just weren't as satisfying as the first one. Jedi starfighter came the same though.
Agree, want a remaster/remake of squadron. Same with the awesome sequels that are trapped on the old GameCube
Post #163310966 added 05-04-2023 4:37 PM by nerofive5 in Free Digital Goods
You need the force. (Or its super old, 1998, and title is used to distinguish it from 2d sprite games of it's era?)
Post #163306724 added 05-04-2023 12:17 PM by boourns84 in Free Digital Goods
Do you need 3d glasses or something to play rogue squadron
Finally live for Squadron. This is the way.
Post #163303799 added 05-04-2023 9:57 AM by jbrownski in Free Digital Goods
Do you have to add/claim for Luna, or is it just whatever is there is available to play for the current timeframe?
Post #163302653 added 05-04-2023 9:01 AM by homebones in Free Digital Goods
The force is not strong with this one.
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