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Post #164243789 added 06-23-2023 2:55 PM by WallEworld in Deal Talk
This has been OOS since May 11. Nearly 6 weeks. You can still order a 4080 laptop but are forced to customize which costs more.
Post #163726328 added 05-27-2023 1:14 PM by whamrx in Deal Talk
just got mine yesterday
Post #163702187 added 05-26-2023 5:59 AM by xrydazx in Deal Talk
Looks like these are shipping out now.
Post #163655405 added 05-23-2023 4:51 PM by luisporti in Deal Talk
Same here. Probably I am gonna cancel it because they won't post payment in may so I can't get amex offers 5/26 edit: mine is shipped as well.
Post #163654301 added 05-23-2023 3:45 PM by whamrx in Deal Talk
Same here
Post #163653857 added 05-23-2023 3:22 PM by imdjay in Deal Talk
Have folks been getting thier shipments? My estimate was 5/22. Still shows waiting to be shipped.
Post #163595453 added 05-20-2023 7:37 AM by Jwigg33 in Deal Talk
4000 series just released lol. No way is any mention of 5000 getting released until 2025.
Post #163513196 added 05-16-2023 5:19 AM by FrozENFyRe in Deal Talk
Sounds like BS. Dont make up stories to make lenovo look bad. There's absolutely NO way they refused a return for a serious issue like that. You're clearly leaving out specific details on why they...
Post #163458689 added 05-12-2023 6:02 PM by lololololololol in Deal Talk
Wondering the same lol
Post #163442243 added 05-11-2023 10:33 PM by jamsinew14 in Deal Talk
Is there a chance this will be back in stock soon?
Post #163441928 added 05-11-2023 9:57 PM by leroygreen in Deal Talk
Exactly. I returned multiple laptops to them in the past 2 months (kept having FOMO for better laptops at better deals), and it was hands-down the easiest experience I've had returning goods outside...
Post #163440056 added 05-11-2023 7:43 PM by Audizzz in Deal Talk
Its 30 days return policy and no restocking fee. What are you talking about...
Post #163439699 added 05-11-2023 7:28 PM by lololololololol in Deal Talk
Looks like it's out of stock?
Post #163439321 added 05-11-2023 7:07 PM by Abbas20 in Deal Talk
Please don't buy lenovo. Worst gaming laptops ever. Spent 2.3k on a legion and it blue screen of death'd right out the box. Contacted lenovo and they told me what to do, nothing worked. Tried...
Post #163438949 added 05-11-2023 6:47 PM by ghostfreckle in Deal Talk
I didn't combine them. Read my post again.🤦 ♂️
Post #163436474 added 05-11-2023 3:59 PM by luisporti in Deal Talk
my shipping date is updated to may23
Post #163436018 added 05-11-2023 3:33 PM by kevinh in Deal Talk
He did NOT say you could combine CB's. He was comparing the difference between the SD CB being capped at $100 versus the other site that gives you the full 15% off which is $300+. Acting all smug...
Post #163435151 added 05-11-2023 2:39 PM by Keysersoze_ in Deal Talk
You just have to ask for the "new customer discount" you can register a new email and get the code ( it's the popup on their site that says register and get $100 off your first purchase ) and if you...
Post #163432556 added 05-11-2023 12:24 PM by Audizzz in Deal Talk
How do you get: $100 extra off from lenovo rep Also is this "$165 statement balance for spending 1k+ in 6 months for AMEX " only for you? or it was regular amex offer?
Post #163425908 added 05-11-2023 7:47 AM by Keysersoze_ in Deal Talk
$2,137.50 /w $100 extra off from lenovo rep $​322.50 CB from.. some website $165 statement balance for spending 1k+ in 6 months for AMEX + 1% CB $21 total out the door: $1,629 Great deal,...
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