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Post #163795838 added 05-31-2023 7:41 PM by Hyrax in Hot Deals
Buying one for the hydraulic press YouTube channel
Post #163732031 added 05-27-2023 9:28 PM by toops in Hot Deals
Check Walmart, Academy, Dick’s etc. in the camping/fishing/outdoors section. I have two of these that have been amazing on lots of paddling/tubing trips in the last few years. They come in different...
Post #163729895 added 05-27-2023 6:21 PM by qwxx in Hot Deals
I wish these would be just a little bit bigger so that I could store phones in them for when we're at the lake and beach. :( I know, I know, that's what she said!
Post #163726823 added 05-27-2023 1:46 PM by chivas in Hot Deals
Kosher salt and some shrimp/squid/clam and make your own bait box. or store weed. I do agree with others though, it is overpriced.
Post #163712762 added 05-26-2023 3:31 PM by BertPizza in Hot Deals
Good for holding stinky bait on a fishing trip without making everything smell bad
Post #163712738 added 05-26-2023 3:30 PM by BertPizza in Hot Deals
game recognize game
Post #163711244 added 05-26-2023 1:47 PM by kenstogie in Hot Deals
Was thinking the same thing....
Post #163706828 added 05-26-2023 9:47 AM by AngstNIcecream in Hot Deals
storing compact shower guns
Post #163704431 added 05-26-2023 8:00 AM by L-Tuned in Hot Deals
Can a iPhone (5.81in) fit in a XS one? I know it's 6" but I am not sure if it's a close call.
Post #163703867 added 05-26-2023 7:30 AM by HuBu in Hot Deals
The XS can be a case for the Miyoo Mini Plus.
Post #163702676 added 05-26-2023 6:23 AM by DavidC4569 in Hot Deals
Post #163701878 added 05-26-2023 5:40 AM by itsmrchuck in Hot Deals
I have 2 of these and they are great for my use. I store replacement parts and boards for our systems at work to keep from bending pins or getting dirty. There are cheaper options but these are very...
Post #163699136 added 05-25-2023 10:24 PM by Lolbadcat in Hot Deals
you can print the dividers or you can just print the whole box.
Post #163698215 added 05-25-2023 8:53 PM by SKV4m in Hot Deals
Store your weed and edibles
Post #163697876 added 05-25-2023 8:24 PM by REK-1 in Hot Deals
Use them for your small solid state drives
Post #163696223 added 05-25-2023 6:43 PM by TylerTman in Hot Deals
Just bought a waterproof medium size box for $10 at harbor freight... Pretty sure bigger sized just not clear. Doesn't seem like much of a deal unless you enjoy paying for the brand label
Post #163675178 added 05-24-2023 5:26 PM by AMWU in Hot Deals
Would a Lock and Lock Tupperware also do the job?
Post #163656155 added 05-23-2023 5:41 PM by minntwins in Hot Deals
Use to protect your things you don’t want wet in the boat, hiking, camping, ect.
Post #163656020 added 05-23-2023 5:33 PM by king_pariah in Hot Deals
Anyone have good ideas for what to do with these?
Post #163646156 added 05-23-2023 8:31 AM by minntwins in Hot Deals
I could not find if these dimensions are external or internal. I am thinking its the external size.
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