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Post #164581172 added 07-10-2023 9:06 PM by edd189 in Hot Deals
The only logical way to fix this is to upgrade your network speed.
Post #163761596 added 05-29-2023 10:34 PM by Frank_Nitty in Hot Deals
For Samsung SSDs, these prices aren't that bad at all especially at 2TB.
Post #163756292 added 05-29-2023 2:57 PM by Adelley in Hot Deals
Geezlaweez you sure know how to rant about nothing lol..
Post #163750352 added 05-29-2023 8:27 AM by ascotnot in Hot Deals
I am getting a chuckle out of this thread. First off, I do not know the answer to your question. But in a very significant number of high traffic threads, the discussion outside of dumb wisecracks...
Post #163750220 added 05-29-2023 8:19 AM by Love_Slick_Deals in Hot Deals
Will this by chance work with Xbox Series X? If not, does anyone have a cheap alternative they recommend?
Post #163733078 added 05-28-2023 12:56 AM by axd1152 in Hot Deals
Can I put 2 of these in synology ds220+?
Post #163719446 added 05-27-2023 4:25 AM by saberlol in Hot Deals
QLC drives are fine as a game drives and Samsung doesnt make 8TB Evo drives (doubt they ever will)
Post #163719152 added 05-27-2023 3:08 AM by belmontisan in Hot Deals
isn’t this lowest 2TB has been? $98?
Post #163716002 added 05-26-2023 7:21 PM by JesusFreak in Hot Deals
Do a search on their spec pages for TBW.
Post #163712795 added 05-26-2023 3:34 PM by JP818914 in Hot Deals
Longevity with that use case isn't a concern. At that disk size I'm assuming you're copying over 100's of GBs of data so just be prepared to be bottlenecked not by the HDD's read speed but the QLC...
Post #163710974 added 05-26-2023 1:29 PM by c3688t in Hot Deals
I looked for Samsung's data retention spec on this and couldn't find it. How long do you think before noticeable bit rot? Usage model is movie storage.
Post #163707785 added 05-26-2023 10:32 AM by JesusFreak in Hot Deals
My use case would be write once read many, with refs and WSS parity protection. 🤷🏼 ♂️
Post #163707239 added 05-26-2023 10:09 AM by lowspeed in Hot Deals
How do you sign up for EDU where it says it's for staff too, but when you go to that ID thingy it's only for faculty?
Post #163705961 added 05-26-2023 9:08 AM by bert90987 in Hot Deals
nice find op
Post #163702976 added 05-26-2023 6:39 AM by JP818914 in Hot Deals
QVO is Quad-layer cell tech. Fill up a shot glass. You can easily and quickly see if it's more than half full - Single Layer Cell (you can represent 0 and 1) Split the shot glass into 4ths (00...
Post #163701083 added 05-26-2023 4:07 AM by JesusFreak in Hot Deals
Surprisingly, their 8tb qvo is currently less than 2X the price of the 4tb here. $430. Maybe less with an EPP discount.
Post #163697621 added 05-25-2023 8:09 PM by LightProtector in Hot Deals
Thanks for the helpful responses everyone!
Post #163697555 added 05-25-2023 8:05 PM by MWink in Hot Deals
The 860 EVO is long dead. I wish it wasn't. It's successor, the 870 EVO, has been riddled with issues. In addition to what others have mentioned, those impressive "up to" numbers you see are...
Post #163697336 added 05-25-2023 7:49 PM by SiennaHeat6816 in Hot Deals
I need them for creating cache drives in unraid. Cache drives allow me to move tons of movies over super quick and they also run programs fast. Plex etc..
Post #163696553 added 05-25-2023 7:00 PM by JesusFreak in Hot Deals
They are starting to get to the point where they are great for archival/read-heavy storage.
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