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Post #163944080 added 06-08-2023 5:53 AM by voodoobunny in Hot Deals
Ugh, Micro Center. There is supposedly a Micro Center opening 90 minutes from my house ... but until then, I wish there was a way to specifically exclude Micro Center in-store deals from my...
Post #163815260 added 06-01-2023 6:10 PM by DPC1000 in Hot Deals
Thanks! 😊 I was thinking about undervolting a more powerful card too, glad someone else is on the same wavelength 🙂 Am I correct in assuming a 3-fan card would not fit in that tg01 case too?
Post #163810664 added 06-01-2023 1:54 PM by ghettoroadster in Hot Deals
the 6650xt looks significantly faster than the 5500 (which I also had when I bought the same prebuilt as you.) there's a way to undervolt the 6650xt : to...
Post #163801139 added 06-01-2023 6:33 AM by qwertyaas in Hot Deals
On the receipt. It was also emailed since I reserved it online.
Post #163797905 added 05-31-2023 10:49 PM by ShaniquaLTX in Hot Deals
Thank you
Post #163795220 added 05-31-2023 7:00 PM by Copilots in Hot Deals
Where is the game code located? In the box, on the receipt?
Post #163784582 added 05-31-2023 8:36 AM by Gager in Hot Deals
Micro center said it is no longer included for my purchase. Bought on Monday.
Post #163782014 added 05-31-2023 6:01 AM by mr_miyagi_san in Hot Deals
nvidia will probably be better for your needs then
Post #163780388 added 05-31-2023 1:09 AM by ShaniquaLTX in Hot Deals
I need your help. I’m planning to build a desktop computer but I have a concern. Do I need/require such a video card if I only use my desktop to run heavy processing applications (data...
Post #163760798 added 05-29-2023 8:54 PM by just1guy in Hot Deals
Right after the message "coupon limit reached " there was an option to send an email "to increase the limit " ... of redemptions or something like that . Received a reply within an hour that the...
Post #163760645 added 05-29-2023 8:41 PM by beezleb in Hot Deals
FWIW I was able to redeem TLOU just now. I bought the card the day the deal was posted.
Post #163760567 added 05-29-2023 8:34 PM by The_Love_Spud in Hot Deals
Note that although performance is theoretically limited by operation of a PCIe 4.0 capable video card on PCIe 3.0, real world results tend to demonstrate little to no difference in many real-world...
Post #163760549 added 05-29-2023 8:33 PM by beezleb in Hot Deals
I just meant for new orders. I assume it can be redeemed if you have it.
Post #163759229 added 05-29-2023 6:41 PM by just1guy in Hot Deals
I purchased mine on the first day of the sale . Just installed it now and when redeeming the coupon for the free game I received a " coupon limit reached " message ... How much is the game worth ? I...
Post #163759091 added 05-29-2023 6:29 PM by Gager in Hot Deals
Noooo I just got one of these.
Post #163758290 added 05-29-2023 5:28 PM by Candurin in Hot Deals
I was just able to redeem my code. But I placed my order on Thursday,
Post #163754417 added 05-29-2023 12:45 PM by inkredible in Hot Deals
Is this worth returning the 6600 from the Newegg deal for a non-gamer? I’m doing graphic work primarily. It shipped before this one got posted or else I’d hit a local MC.
Post #163751855 added 05-29-2023 10:14 AM by beezleb in Hot Deals
Looks like the free Last of Us ended
Post #163739960 added 05-28-2023 12:55 PM by Candurin in Hot Deals
Mine is also PCIE 3.0. I’m replacing an RX580 and it is noticeably and significantly better with this card. Son likes to play destiny on PC. Went from a custom blend of lower settings to the...
Post #163739387 added 05-28-2023 12:17 PM by qwertyaas in Hot Deals
Just picked it up. Store was sold out. Just realized my board is PCIE 3.0. Is there a big performance hit on that.
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