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Post #164155826 added 06-19-2023 9:08 AM by Thankyouforthehelp in Hot Deals
Timeless game. Must play for any star wars fan. Don’t worry about it being an old game.
Post #164022845 added 06-12-2023 8:43 AM by BargainSeekerG in Hot Deals
That’s what a younger me would’ve said. Later on, I realize the games I remember and have meaning are those with poignant stories, not the flashy graphics. That said, it is jarring to play...
Post #163999991 added 06-10-2023 8:14 PM by duckeggs in Hot Deals
graphics look like trash. regret buying it for the xbox series x
Post #163998959 added 06-10-2023 7:04 PM by Enoch42 in Hot Deals
I don't believe you
Post #163997132 added 06-10-2023 5:02 PM by Walstar2 in Hot Deals
There's no remake announced is there?
Post #163996676 added 06-10-2023 4:24 PM by mig0 in Hot Deals
My only reluctance to buy this is that Ive got this already on PC so I dont really need to buy this once again for the xbox. The steam summer sale is upcoming so you can buy it then, as it will...
Post #163995596 added 06-10-2023 3:00 PM by cayqel in Hot Deals
$3.49 is the price I will pay to not have to go find my old oXbox disc when I want to play on my Series.
Post #163995557 added 06-10-2023 2:58 PM by dimjim in Hot Deals
Great game, I'm also waiting for the remaster.
Post #163993262 added 06-10-2023 12:05 PM by Batmannn in Hot Deals
Lol that is not how 4k works
Post #163974020 added 06-09-2023 11:12 AM by aoutlander in Hot Deals
I had this for the Xbox at one time
Post #163971563 added 06-09-2023 9:17 AM by jakk55 in Hot Deals
Upscaling a game from 2004 to 4k isn't going to make it look any better. PC version can be modded with HD textures, which will actually make it look better.
Post #163969313 added 06-09-2023 7:45 AM by wilmer007 in Hot Deals
I'm sorry but my 10 year old PC can't run upscaled 4K like my Series X can (it can only do 1080@60) and building a console killer for $500 is just not possible right now. So until 4K@60 on PC is...
Post #163968908 added 06-09-2023 7:26 AM by TurtlePerson2 in Hot Deals
I'd recommend playing these on PC if possible, rather than console. These games came out 20 years ago, so they will run fine on any PC nowadays. The main reason is that the PC versions have mod...
Post #163967429 added 06-09-2023 6:09 AM by Discombobulated in Hot Deals
Waiting for that day too :hug:
Post #163965119 added 06-09-2023 1:05 AM by GreenCrow9915 in Hot Deals
Would it be better to wait for the remake, however long that takes?
Post #163995212 added 06-09-2023 12:34 AM by SubZero5 in Hot Deals
Xbox has Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox One/Series X|S Digital Download) for $3.49. Thanks to Deal Editor Discombobulated for finding this deal. About this game: This...
Post #163964954 added 06-09-2023 12:34 AM by Discombobulated in Hot Deals
Xbox (via Microsoft Store) For those interested Note, offer valid through June 16, 2023 or while pricing last Lowest for this title AFAIK Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Xbox...

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