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Post #167006158 added 11-13-2023 12:52 PM by FuschiaPocket3139 in Hot Deals
So, I already have a Red Card credit card and I signed up for the reloadable card. The card came today, but no coupon. I guess I'm ineligible, if I already have a credit card?
Post #165820567 added 09-14-2023 2:21 PM by guho in Hot Deals
I spent $46.74 in a single transaction at using my new redcard reloadable but it posted as two transactions, $15 and $31.74. It is one order all picked up together at one Target...
Post #165458501 added 08-24-2023 9:30 PM by AoeROR in Hot Deals
I just missed this, when will this come back? I need to apply for a debit or reloadable for my dad and mom to get some toilet papers and paper towel LOL
Post #165363299 added 08-19-2023 7:43 PM by Martian536 in Hot Deals
It actually shows up in your scroll to the far right of all the target offers showing at the top of the page under Circle offers.
Post #165076289 added 08-03-2023 2:44 PM by echooff in Hot Deals
This is important: To receive a $40 statement credit for the RedCard Reloadable Account, you must successfully register online at for a new account between 06/18/23 – 07/22/23,...
Post #165021371 added 07-31-2023 8:18 PM by vsweetiea1 in Hot Deals
Why? The red card is attached to your checking account. It withdraws from there unless you applied for the credit card. Each time you use it you get 5% off your entire purchase.
Post #164994482 added 07-30-2023 10:07 AM by pashwin in Hot Deals
I got the red card but the $40 coupon was not included in the mail. How can i get the $40 credit?
Post #164564471 added 07-10-2023 12:28 PM by ready2rumble in Hot Deals
Dang, I should've applied when I had the chance last time the promo was around with the old terms!
Post #164564462 added 07-10-2023 12:28 PM by ready2rumble in Hot Deals
Thank you. This was my question and I could not find it in the terms and conditions. Sorry you had to be our guinea pig, but I appreciate that you posted about it.
Post #164512109 added 07-07-2023 10:43 PM by Ashfaq5 in Hot Deals
I got the $40 coupon but nothing appeared in th wallet when I scanned in the target circle in the app like it indicated. Any body got it working?
Post #164463665 added 07-05-2023 8:16 PM by dhardawa in Hot Deals
I did this in January and never received my $40. I was told there was no such promotion even though it was clearly in the ad that week and the following week. Target told me to call RedCard and...
Post #164237030 added 06-23-2023 9:56 AM by itsacedeniro in Hot Deals
Agreed. Especially the people willing to risk compromising their bank account for $40. That's wild. Target has a history of data breaches. At least do the credit card option.
Post #164206358 added 06-21-2023 7:11 PM by SensibleFlower1824 in Hot Deals
What if you don't have the app and just want to buy something on the website using the coupon?
Post #164206211 added 06-21-2023 7:00 PM by Gauchoj in Hot Deals
Won't work anymore to double dip. The coupon has to be scanned by target app before use. So we can't double dip to get the $80
Post #164198051 added 06-21-2023 11:51 AM by rexcaliber in Hot Deals
So I can use it on a PlayStation game since it's not a console or accessory?
Post #164190419 added 06-21-2023 4:47 AM by dealshunter77 in Hot Deals
Not sure you knew how the coupon worked. We were able to double dip using the coupon. Once online and other time in store.
Post #164189621 added 06-21-2023 1:30 AM by HE1 in Hot Deals
We still get $40 back. Cry me a river…
Post #164182649 added 06-20-2023 4:06 PM by dealshunter77 in Hot Deals
Looks like the reloadable card was changed to Spend 40 and get 40 statement credit. This forces you to use the card for the payment . You will not get the coupon.
Post #164181875 added 06-20-2023 3:23 PM by candelabra in Hot Deals
"Oops! You have exceeded the number of allowable Accounts. Please login to access an active Account. You may close an active Account and reapply for a new Account by contacting Customer Service at...
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