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Post #166748485 added 11-02-2023 4:33 PM by jabarnman69 in Deal Talk
Post #164742041 added 07-16-2023 10:39 AM by dealonly in Deal Talk
Came in yesterday and have the setup done today. Very happy with the color, brightness ( I have very bright room). Exceed expectations!
Post #164721698 added 07-14-2023 11:08 PM by NotreDame in Deal Talk
I got one...I will believe it when I see it!
Post #164696789 added 07-13-2023 4:47 PM by JoeA8469 in Deal Talk
I applied for invite very early but never got one. I'm wondering of they had like 5 of these.
Post #164687906 added 07-13-2023 10:36 AM by ChakkDay in Deal Talk
Yeah, I feel their strategy and marketing team jobs have inexperienced and incompetent folks. I think that's a double scam or double bait and switch.
Post #164687729 added 07-13-2023 10:32 AM by ChakkDay in Deal Talk
Bust Prime Day
Post #164687615 added 07-13-2023 10:27 AM by jrb531 in Deal Talk
Several of the items I checked that were "supposedly" on a big sale discount were the regular price elsewhere. Years ago Sears used to do this (rem Sears???) they would raise prices before a sale...
Post #164687612 added 07-13-2023 10:27 AM by ElCheapo5 in Deal Talk
In the end the deal just felt better for Amazon then the customers. They gave people a coupon and if those people never used it, then that was just another tv Amazon kept in their inventory to...
Post #164686586 added 07-13-2023 9:47 AM by omegaroach in Deal Talk
Might be good to assess how much time you have spent on this thread/deal. Then divide that by the $150 you would have saved. Then look in a mirror and ask if your time is worth that hourly rate. ...
Post #164683757 added 07-13-2023 8:19 AM by SeventiesVet in Deal Talk
It wasn't a scam, but just the way capitalism, marketing, and manipulation works. To believe this deal (ploy) was all for our benefit is a bit naive. No sense in being angry.
Post #164683505 added 07-13-2023 8:10 AM by TidalWaveOne in Deal Talk
I didn't get this deal either but Amazon never promised me I would. Yeah, it's a disappointment... but move on. I'm not sending anything back because I didn't get this deal.
Post #164682086 added 07-13-2023 7:19 AM by ekb2 in Deal Talk
Why make people angry with the fact that 99.99% did not receive an invite and remained angry. This is not a fair, not transparent lottery.. Thanks amazon for not letting me buy another junk I don't...
Post #164681045 added 07-13-2023 6:27 AM by dreezy in Deal Talk
We all got bamboozled!! We need to send all the Karen’s to Amazon headquarters asap.
Post #164680355 added 07-13-2023 5:44 AM by AquaGalley8616 in Deal Talk
You are entitled to your viewpoint and how you see something, and share honestly how you see something. I see this Amazon SCAM of Invite only, since Amazon never shared how many of these tv's were...
Post #164679764 added 07-13-2023 5:00 AM by EJG in Deal Talk
I have empathy for people who can't afford to put food on the table or struggle to have a roof over their head. Empathy for this? No. Disappointment is one thing, but what I'm seeing in this thread...
Post #164679665 added 07-13-2023 4:52 AM by AquaGalley8616 in Deal Talk
LOL! You have no empathy? Is this true? To some people, having a deal turn to dust, is disappointing. But just SALTY to you. :)
Post #164679224 added 07-13-2023 4:03 AM by EJG in Deal Talk
The amount of saltiness in this thread over a shitty $100 TV is astounding.
Post #164678813 added 07-13-2023 2:17 AM by JollyReward108 in Deal Talk
That's a terrible price. I got the same thing for $80 at Best Buy.
Post #164678726 added 07-13-2023 1:54 AM by beggerking in Deal Talk
I'm shifting my buying power to temu as well... Similar or better return policy at much better prices with no annual fee... Shipping is 7 to 10 days which is decent as well. The other day I just...
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