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Post #165149588 added 08-07-2023 8:57 PM by RCMIKE in Deal Talk
FWIW, the printed instructions in the box actually say that no recipe book is included. At the top, centered, and kinda “right there” to be seen.
Post #165144458 added 08-07-2023 3:35 PM by GlZMO in Deal Talk
Just adding to Jeff's comment. Same.experience here; however, there's no recipe book - on my end, at least.
Post #165091232 added 08-04-2023 10:35 AM by jeff1016 in Deal Talk
Got mine yesterday and it arrive din a plain brown box, doesn't have the original packaging as it was just the cream inside held in place with foam and plastic. However, everything came with it,...
Post #165059681 added 08-02-2023 5:40 PM by rolipoli in Deal Talk
As a data point, mine arrived today and looks brand new, still has the stickers on and all the expected parts were included. Arrived in a plain brown box.
Post #164995838 added 07-30-2023 11:41 AM by dabargainhunter in Deal Talk
No, the original version used 16 oz., just like the newest iteration that has the cup directly attached to the unit. But it appears the Breeze cups are different, so probably no usable. This is...
Post #164995772 added 07-30-2023 11:34 AM by LovelyGuide422 in Deal Talk
No, the deluxe pint is different from what I have, 50% bigger
Post #164995640 added 07-30-2023 11:24 AM by bobbylight in Deal Talk
To me this is for low calorie protein shakes made into ice cream. I just made a giant thing of basically strawberry frosty that was 300 calories and 30 grams of protein using some strawberry milk and...
Post #164994728 added 07-30-2023 10:22 AM by rolipoli in Deal Talk
5-in-1 Breeze model available here:
Post #164994719 added 07-30-2023 10:22 AM by rolipoli in Deal Talk
Fwiw the 5-in-1 Breeze is in stock still direct through Ninja for $169 and there's a 10% off promo out there for email sign-up:...
Post #164993597 added 07-30-2023 9:12 AM by sparticusthematrix in Deal Talk
If anybody wants to buy it from ninja. There's a way to bypass the out of stock hold and force the order. Plenty have tried it and confirmed shipping confirmation. The programmer looked at the script...
Post #164993375 added 07-30-2023 8:55 AM by comndrcody in Deal Talk
You're correct. I'm using Citi Premier. Their terms don't say anything specific to refurbished, but the underwriter includes refurbished as used/pre-owned. Oh well.
Post #164992814 added 07-30-2023 8:07 AM by MisterBeard in Deal Talk
Well, I guess it's too late now since sold out, but this is a great deal. I've been looking online for a month now nearly every day and nothing. I really want to get it from the Big Box store, which...
Post #164992727 added 07-30-2023 8:02 AM by RCMIKE in Deal Talk
Which credit card do you have that offers warranty service on refurbished items? Every credit card I’ve had that offers a warranty extension specifically excludes refurbished products.
It already reads sold out 😭
Post #164992346 added 07-30-2023 7:29 AM by Tep in Deal Talk
At this point, unless I specifically needed the bigger containers, I would stick to the smaller ones that the smaller cheaper containers (I have both).
Post #164992166 added 07-30-2023 7:12 AM by JessicaSilva in Deal Talk
Sold out
Post #164992157 added 07-30-2023 7:11 AM by JK1982 in Deal Talk
Damn was checking out and it sold out
Post #164992136 added 07-30-2023 7:10 AM by BlessedWith7 in Deal Talk
I have been kicking myself since not jumping on the Costco deal, which was the standard model. I finally jumped on this one and so glad it’s the bigger containers, since we have a larger family. I...
Post #164992139 added 07-30-2023 7:10 AM by VictorB6150 in Deal Talk
Damn missed again 😭
Post #164991998 added 07-30-2023 6:54 AM by Taangerine in Deal Talk
Im afraid about this dying on me 4 months down the line and the woot 3-month warranty runs out. Does anyone know how the asurion warranty works and if its worth it? I didnt see it in the checkout...
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