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Post #165737530 added 09-09-2023 5:31 PM by gldoorii in Hot Deals
At this point the cow they’ve been milking needs it’s own DLC cause damn that thing is still going
Post #165735451 added 09-09-2023 2:56 PM by GannMan in Hot Deals
Bl3 is included too
Post #165732196 added 09-09-2023 11:24 AM by RakhepriY in Hot Deals
The map ruins all the borderlands games for me. I always want to love them. But the map is always a mess. If I gotta fight with the map and inventory, just puts me off
Post #165730222 added 09-09-2023 8:54 AM by ilnadmy in Hot Deals
If you have the Handsome Collection through PS+ can you complete the collection for $30?
Post #165726022 added 09-08-2023 9:54 PM by DougN7007 in Hot Deals
As some who has put thousands of hours into these games over the years, I find this to be a good deal. If you’ve never played then you will have many hours of fun playing this if you’re like me. This...
Post #165689428 added 09-07-2023 2:04 AM by neohemp in Hot Deals
It's on humble choice might want to refund it and get it there
Post #165688303 added 09-06-2023 10:57 PM by Tj11989 in Hot Deals
What would be the cheapest PS4 borderlands to buy (digitally or physical copy) and then upgrade to this…?
Post #165653782 added 09-05-2023 8:52 AM by Ceromus in Hot Deals
Personally I think "Krieg" from borderlands 2 is the best playable character of all time. edit: wait does that make me a psycho? ;)
Post #165652846 added 09-05-2023 7:59 AM by ArchieTect in Hot Deals
I own a physical copy of Borderlands the Handsome Collection for Xbox One and I can also see the deal after I start up the game.
Post #165647764 added 09-04-2023 8:54 PM by kugel in Hot Deals
It was once on Games with Gold. If you have it from there then you don't technically own it, just access it until your subscription expires.
Post #165643018 added 09-04-2023 3:20 PM by tpaten in Hot Deals
Completed my collection for a little over $30 and a friend a little over $32. I think we were missing most of the newer DLC. This worked out great!
Post #165640459 added 09-04-2023 12:35 PM by spicyramentt in Hot Deals
If you already have the games, it will minus the difference of whatever you already own and you just pay the balance. In my case, i got all the DLC's as i already had all the base games.
Post #165640066 added 09-04-2023 12:11 PM by FabulousBelieve394 in Hot Deals
Thank you!
Post #165639946 added 09-04-2023 12:04 PM by ThorNHulk83 in Hot Deals
It really peaked too early. BL2 was a huge improvement over BL1 (which I loved as an og fan), and it really just seemed to be kind of formulaic or anoying beyond that. I did full runs of every skill...
Post #165635839 added 09-04-2023 8:15 AM by Amko77 in Hot Deals
Honestly, for most, the likely hood of actually going through all this content will be slim. Obviously a good deal for what you are getting, but the amount of hours it would take just doesn’t seem...
Post #165634978 added 09-04-2023 7:19 AM by spydersdeals69 in Hot Deals
Say what you want about whatever, but posting anything negative about BL2 is just silly beyond all reason. That game is the pinnacle of everything right with gaming, hands down. Being "bored"...
Post #165634927 added 09-04-2023 7:14 AM by Cheap_skater in Hot Deals
Explain how its gameplay loop is any different than Halo or CoD or Doom? Shoot, grab ammo, walk to next area, shoot some more, rinse and repeat. It's very reductive to summarize it in such a basic...
Post #165634579 added 09-04-2023 6:42 AM by spydersdeals69 in Hot Deals
Too bad they didn't go the Steam route with all platforms. Alas, they knew that 99.9% of folks out there that love Borderlands have everything except the absurdly overpriced and ridiculously...
Post #165634306 added 09-04-2023 6:14 AM by shigshag in Hot Deals
Jeez guys I know a lot of folks have fond memories of these games but giving someone 30 thumbs downs for saying he found them repetitive is a bit extreme.
Post #165632794 added 09-04-2023 1:46 AM by MikeJJJ in Hot Deals
just caught this deal, this is a slickdeal to say the least. I got it all for $30
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