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Post #165967666 added 09-22-2023 4:42 PM by DrewNo2 in Deal Talk
Thanks. In case you didn't know, this humi is on sale even cheaper now. There's a new thread with the new deal for under $200 using the same code.
Post #165967501 added 09-22-2023 4:34 PM by charlesstuckjr in Deal Talk
Well that’s awesome I wish I was able to fill the listed one much less the kingchii haha have a good one and enjoy 😊
Post #165967438 added 09-22-2023 4:30 PM by DrewNo2 in Deal Talk
I ended up keeping the KingChii since it's bigger and has more capacity which I need. I'm happy with it currently. It's holding temp and RH right at 70/70 +- 1.
Post #165967360 added 09-22-2023 4:27 PM by charlesstuckjr in Deal Talk
You can’t return the Amazon one?
Post #165744538 added 09-10-2023 8:44 AM by Hat-Trick in Deal Talk
I can't imagine storing 250 cigars in this thing. You have to jam them all in then how do you find what you're looking for? Seems like a needle in a haystack. Maybe 100 at the most, keeping them...
Post #165744469 added 09-10-2023 8:38 AM by Hat-Trick in Deal Talk
Curious how you control humidity in the airtight containers? I use Oggi airtight containers with a Boveda in them which lasts forever since it is a sealed container. Works pretty good for me plus...
Post #165722872 added 09-08-2023 5:42 PM by FuschiaMeal2074 in Deal Talk
Not on mine. Even if the recent comments were all deleted, here’s the Amazon listing you claimed didn’t exist with reviews corroborating the worthless ‘heating’ function and the inaccurate temps...
Post #165718915 added 09-08-2023 1:37 PM by dwyerkg in Deal Talk
100% Spanish Cedar confirmed Unit has cooling and heating confirmed
Post #165697624 added 09-07-2023 12:26 PM by FuschiaMeal2074 in Deal Talk
#1 This unit does not heat. I’ve owned one and there’s no heat (nor do you need one for humidor temps unless you want mold to grow under with the RH cigars need). It’s just marketing speak. It’s a...
Post #165696136 added 09-07-2023 11:16 AM by kenstogie in Deal Talk
Good Info here... fwiw with a damp paper towel you can "revive/recharge" boveda packs, done it many times. Damp paper towel (use distilled H2O\) around the boveda in a ziplock wait a week or so....
Post #165681415 added 09-06-2023 2:54 PM by Kingsrule5 in Deal Talk
I have an older version of this unit the CC-100 and I like using 4 of the 65g here in AZ. I'd say they last 4-6 months with it being less in the summer and not opening it a ton.
Post #165680872 added 09-06-2023 2:31 PM by shweller909 in Deal Talk
Great deal OP! Placed an order for one. I had my Whytner crap out on me so this was perfect timing.
Post #165680041 added 09-06-2023 1:47 PM by dwyerkg in Deal Talk
You are correct, this will take 2 boveda 320s. Online reviews says that they last about 6 months if you don't open it all the time
Post #165678106 added 09-06-2023 12:08 PM by DrewNo2 in Deal Talk
It has a open water tray (see the website pictures) for distilled water but I suggest throwing in Boveda packs and let them do their magic. From what I've read, the water boxes don't work good...
Post #165678034 added 09-06-2023 12:04 PM by FabulousClover6849 in Deal Talk
What is used to regulate humidity? I don't see anything mentioned that takes care of that.
Post #165674032 added 09-06-2023 8:48 AM by DrewNo2 in Deal Talk
Bummer! I just bought a 350 capacity KingChii humi on Amazon. I did a lot of research on these and would rather have bought this one. Few days too late for me. I wanted the heat and cool feature...
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