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Post #165916255 added 09-20-2023 7:56 AM by User18383921 in Deal Talk
Read the recent reviews, this one is pretty unreliable.
Post #165916204 added 09-20-2023 7:53 AM by User18383921 in Deal Talk
Read the one star reviews on this one. Someone tested it on a known hot socket and it didn't detect it. Also, light didn't work for some, only the sound. Back to the drawing board.
Post #165872239 added 09-17-2023 6:45 PM by FairWriter8849 in Deal Talk
I have a Klein one, so I'll call that the middle tier to your breakdown. More than $8 but not very expensive since I bought it in a set. I love it, it's great and I've used it dozens of times...
Post #165852358 added 09-16-2023 11:14 AM by trousyt in Deal Talk
Klein had a recall on some of their testers that exhibited this problem, may want to check if yours is included. NCVT1 recall: NCVT5 recall:...
Post #165840664 added 09-15-2023 3:46 PM by PeterA9633 in Deal Talk
I had the same experience, which i was surprised by. While I love fluke tools I kept my klein one over the fluke.
Post #165803518 added 09-13-2023 3:49 PM by RockyP9101 in Deal Talk
My $2 tester works just fine. Its like a Toyota vs a Maybach, after all they do the same job.
Post #165790324 added 09-12-2023 9:04 PM by ptyork in Deal Talk
I'm late commenting on this post, but good call. I have a Fluke multimeter which is a beast and I love it. I bought this on Prime Day 'cause I couldn't pass up a deal, but returned it immediately. I...
Post #165784381 added 09-12-2023 2:06 PM by TPMJB in Deal Talk
Yeah I'll have to pass then. I simply want to know if there's live current nearby that will kill me if I touch it. Helps me figure out if I hit the right breaker before doing electrical work. I have...
Post #165783184 added 09-12-2023 1:01 PM by OlivePenguin524 in Deal Talk
You all worrying about a little zap ... my grandfather used to carry around a mini screwdriver that had a small bulb in it. You'd stick it in the socket and it would light up if there was voltage. ...
Post #165780082 added 09-12-2023 10:19 AM by spiritrider in Deal Talk
Get a outlet tester. I prefer the smaller ones. The tester you have your pocket or electric go bag, is lot better than the one you left home. The Southwire "40022S GFCI Receptacle Tester", Klein...
Post #165779998 added 09-12-2023 10:16 AM by killerrabbit1961 in Deal Talk
No, this Fluke does not work like that. I have had testers that worked that way, they would signal even when they were a few inches away from a voltage source. That is fine if all you want to do is...
Post #165779884 added 09-12-2023 10:12 AM by wilked in Deal Talk
I was trained by a Master Electrician. One of the first lessons: On/Off/On. Test something known to be live to ensure the meter is working, then verify the wiring you're working on is off, then...
Post #165779527 added 09-12-2023 9:55 AM by OlivePenguin524 in Deal Talk
Any should trigger without touching the wire. You should even be able to stick it near a socket and it should go off.
Post #165779440 added 09-12-2023 9:52 AM by OlivePenguin524 in Deal Talk
Probably a switched outlet and they broke the wrong one. You break the hot, not the neutral. If you touch the hot and then a ground, you'd get shocked. Could be the ground is energized somehow...
Post #165779077 added 09-12-2023 9:30 AM by PurpleNest2305 in Deal Talk
Exactly. I have an old beat up Greenlee tester that works fine, and a newer Craftsman that recently died. I replaced it with a Fluke that was on sale. Whether using the old Greenlee or the new Fluke,...
Post #165779068 added 09-12-2023 9:30 AM by mike1650 in Deal Talk
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the probe size on the Fluke. It is too large to fit in modern plug sockets. The Ideal one does. I've got both.
Post #165777622 added 09-12-2023 8:20 AM by cpc13 in Deal Talk
I picked one of these up on Prime Day, and I've already put it to use half a dozen times (rewired some fluorescent light fixtures to bypass the ballast and replace them with LED tubes, replaced a...
Post #165777463 added 09-12-2023 8:10 AM by TPMJB in Deal Talk
It's weird, I bought the cheapest voltage tester at Lowes, a Kobalt one, and I could get positives without actually touching the wire. It was very useful. I lost it and bought a more expensive...
Post #165777214 added 09-12-2023 7:54 AM by ericfw in Deal Talk
What is the problem of the outlet when the detector detects but the outlet doesn't actually provide any power?
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