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Post #165849283 added 09-16-2023 6:41 AM by TMA-1 in Deal Talk
Nightmare Ally is incredibly well done but very disturbing, to the point where I'm not sure if I want to see the original - Cooper and Blanchett give incredible performances, it is shot beautifully,...
Post #165842962 added 09-15-2023 6:05 PM by DirkBelig in Deal Talk
I liked Nightmare Alley much more than most Guillermo Del Taco movies, but how the actual does a guy whose entire shtick is cold-reading people for a mentalist act not see the giant flashing neon...
Post #165822778 added 09-14-2023 4:30 PM by chadt3534 in Deal Talk
I thought the movie was absolutely awful. Terrible. Surprised anyone thought it is any good.
Post #165805447 added 09-13-2023 5:59 PM by tedbrogen in Deal Talk
Just wish they had some Batman movies on sale.
Post #165802135 added 09-13-2023 2:23 PM by CleverDeer137 in Deal Talk
How do movies like this get made?
Post #165800383 added 09-13-2023 12:40 PM by GrandmasterBBC in Deal Talk
I knew nothing about Barbarian going into it and I really enjoyed it. Even though it is available streaming I think it's still worth heading to my collection for $5. I have never seen Nightmare...
Post #165792634 added 09-13-2023 1:41 AM by Merkels_merkin in Deal Talk
There's a conspiracy theory that Trevor Moore was killed as part of Zach Cregger's initiation into "the club". Trevor Moore was the leader of Whitest Kids U Know, and right after Trevor Moore...
Post #165791944 added 09-12-2023 11:29 PM by RobNY888 in Deal Talk
Watched Barbarian with high expectations based on everyone gushing about it, I didn't know anything about the plot. Was shocked to see there is nothing unique or good about this flick - it's just a...
Post #165791482 added 09-12-2023 10:35 PM by nealnealneal in Deal Talk
Agreed. It’s always kind of a letdown when the ending of a movie doesn’t live up to the rest of it. Still, it’s a uniquely, twisted horror film and it’s absolutely worth the watch.
Post #165790597 added 09-12-2023 9:23 PM by viperfour in Deal Talk
Vudu has also now price matched Nightmare Alley
Post #165788701 added 09-12-2023 7:11 PM by coldplay055 in Deal Talk
Nah, horror movies can exist without idiots. See Hereditary.
Post #165783361 added 09-12-2023 1:10 PM by Avenger772 in Deal Talk
I really hated this movie. I get that people have to be idiots for horror movies to exist. But for some reason, the idiocy in this movie was beyond the pale for me.
Post #165783283 added 09-12-2023 1:06 PM by James_bond003 in Deal Talk
The Barbarian" is not a horror movie, as it's labeled; it's more like a slow-burn psychological thriller. Nonetheless, it's an excellent movie, and I believe it's still available to watch for free on...
Post #165780919 added 09-12-2023 10:59 AM by GoodVibrations in Deal Talk
What are some of your favorite movies?
Post #165780307 added 09-12-2023 10:30 AM by ThumperSD in Deal Talk
Barbarian is pretty good for Halloween
Post #165779977 added 09-12-2023 10:15 AM by yapchagi in Deal Talk
barbarian is also $4.99 on Vudu.
Post #165779254 added 09-12-2023 9:40 AM by twiggy_alien_man in Deal Talk
Tape measure scene is great in barbarian (especially after looking for rentals recently, and how delusional people are when it comes to square footage).
Post #165779152 added 09-12-2023 9:33 AM by ejschraw in Deal Talk
I went into theatres blind for Barbarian along with several other horror movies that had released that year on a discount day. It was surprisingly good.
Post #165778753 added 09-12-2023 9:15 AM by DealHunter32 in Deal Talk
Vudu has now price matched Barbarian Vudu
Post #165778522 added 09-12-2023 9:03 AM by impasse in Deal Talk
yeah i definitely laughed out loud/threw my hands up in confusion at the fall at the end but yes worth a watch for sure as constant unease and creepy environment, and a suitable amount of making...
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