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Post #165913330 added 09-20-2023 12:58 AM by OliveMagic120 in Hot Deals
In store, Pharmacy items don't require a membership. Alcohol is also available without membership in a lot of states.
Post #165824605 added 09-14-2023 6:24 PM by FabulousVolcano884 in Hot Deals
The 14.99 maybe in store price it does vary online and in store, still the cheapest I can find with the 5% surcharge without a Costco card and does ship fast. I also have done the clothing deals too.
Post #165824284 added 09-14-2023 6:06 PM by twztid13 in Hot Deals
Shows 17.99 for me. Adds 5% non member fee & tax on top of that, so is 20.66 total. That's still not bad, but wondering why i don't see the 14.99 price? Is it members only?
Post #165823933 added 09-14-2023 5:42 PM by twztid13 in Hot Deals
Those are also 144 sprays each bottle. These say 72 sprays each bottle.
Post #165823075 added 09-14-2023 4:46 PM by Krawk in Hot Deals
Yup. And at Sam's Club their brand is the same price too.
Post #165805033 added 09-13-2023 5:26 PM by Le-SerKale in Hot Deals
I believe the instruction has something about addiction, etc, I asked my allergist and she said it was safe to use all year continuously. She claims she has people on it all year long. If you know...
Post #165799714 added 09-13-2023 12:08 PM by rjb702 in Hot Deals
You use it as needed. During high allergies times, I definitely use it daily. What your doctor said sounds good, but if needed using during the day is OK too.
Post #165799576 added 09-13-2023 12:02 PM by rjb702 in Hot Deals
However, not everyone has access to Costco for a variety of reasons. That doesn't make this deal bad. I love Flonase and maybe would try the Costco brand. But am I willing to do that? Idk. With...
Post #165798820 added 09-13-2023 11:25 AM by 1n4one in Hot Deals
Agree with the article. I think HCI was the post meth lockdown placebo.
Post #165798580 added 09-13-2023 11:12 AM by DraconianMeasures in Hot Deals
completely unrelated, but saw this article randomly this morning then saw this sale.... but not the same ingredient after all. ...
Post #165797974 added 09-13-2023 10:34 AM by kdupuis77 in Hot Deals
Basically same at BJ's too if you live nowhere near Costco like us. The wholesale club brand is crazy cheaper (even considering coupons) than the brand name and does the same thing for my allergies.
Post #165797680 added 09-13-2023 10:23 AM by ChinaMosco in Hot Deals
How long should I use it? When should I need to stop? All I remember is my doctor told me to pump 1 before go to bed and one in the morning.
Post #165795532 added 09-13-2023 8:24 AM by FenixKage in Hot Deals
I believe you are comparing the fl oz of the costco bottles vs the packaging weight of the amazon bottles, since amazon does not list the fl oz content. Obviously the packaging weight isn't helpful,...
Post #165795382 added 09-13-2023 8:14 AM by ZenNuts in Hot Deals
OTC drugs are reimbursable through FSA, right?
Post #165794626 added 09-13-2023 7:19 AM by SturgeonGeneral in Hot Deals
I’d love to see your math for that.
Post #165794053 added 09-13-2023 6:24 AM by rh71 in Hot Deals
I scored big once at CVS with their stackable coupons for the Flonase 144-spray ($8.74). This is close enough at $11.58 without the extra work and stars aligning. CVS --- Flonase Allergy Relief...
Post #165794047 added 09-13-2023 6:23 AM by party4lif6 in Hot Deals
Good deal... $11.58 for me!
Post #165793597 added 09-13-2023 5:25 AM by Wait..what in Hot Deals
Sam’s has 6ct Aller-Nose 50mcg 144spray per bottle $23.97 for those with Sam’s membership.
Post #165793318 added 09-13-2023 4:33 AM by sempaul in Hot Deals
Every bottle of Costco has 144 vs 72 for the name brand Flonase of the identical dosage. So the Costco 5 pack is like buying 10 Flonase. So your statement makes no sense.
Post #165793201 added 09-13-2023 4:06 AM by nocreativename in Hot Deals
Costco membership is unnecessary. Just pay a non-member 5% surcharge fee. And the shipping is free. I just learned about this a week ago. This applies to their whole website. But I've noticed things...
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