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Post #165819163 added 09-14-2023 1:03 PM by turbodog in Deal Talk
Thanks OP, got two copies of Catwoman. :peace:
Post #165814885 added 09-14-2023 9:30 AM by jasongw in Deal Talk
I agree. There's plenty of legitimate criticism, from the double Ezra Flashes to the wasted Michael Keaton opportunity and complete failure to even acknowledge Gustin's Flash (which is where Miller's...
Post #165811168 added 09-14-2023 4:20 AM by Zimmy in Deal Talk
Yes. On FanFlix, if you select on the individual movie, it will tell you where it redeems. Everyone that I click on so far said Movies Anywhere.
Post #165810382 added 09-14-2023 1:05 AM by VRed24 in Deal Talk
Picked up JL: Warworld and Batman Doom and redeemed perfectly on Movies Anywhere and ported to all my services. Thanks OP
Post #165808483 added 09-13-2023 9:33 PM by ricoblue in Deal Talk
Cab I buy on fanflix, and watch on vudu? Also, are these MA?
Post #165805408 added 09-13-2023 5:55 PM by rKhayd in Deal Talk
The worst part for me was the Kryptonian battle. MoS is a decade older, yet has considerably better CGI for the same damn characters.
Post #165805384 added 09-13-2023 5:53 PM by sonofsomething in Deal Talk
I'm glad someone pointed this out. I enjoyed the movie, but was also appalled by the horrible CGI. They could have done so much more by having all the multiverse retro heroes be life-like, not this...
Post #165803149 added 09-13-2023 3:27 PM by Naxra in Deal Talk
Joker, which is the most popular movie from this deal, is $7.99
Post #165801787 added 09-13-2023 2:03 PM by KnowsItToBeTrue in Deal Talk
Oh I wasn't taking into account blu ray, since that does change the comparison a lot to even the playing field.
Post #165801760 added 09-13-2023 2:01 PM by jayvo2008 in Deal Talk
This is simply not true. It ultimately depends on the source material. A 4K stream isn't 'guaranteed' to be better than a 1080 blu-ray. I would say that a 4K stream is probably on par with a 1080...
Post #165801247 added 09-13-2023 1:29 PM by rKhayd in Deal Talk
It's my 2nd favorite DCU movie after MoS. It would have been one of the best comic book movies if they had put in some effort into making better CGI. Flash had so much heart but was knee capped by...
Post #165799192 added 09-13-2023 11:43 AM by KnowsItToBeTrue in Deal Talk
I would imagine anything at 4k, even streaming, is leagues better than 1080p
Post #165798880 added 09-13-2023 11:28 AM by asianpianoman in Deal Talk
Can anyone comment on how batman ninja 4k dolby vision stream compares to the 1080 disc? Worth it if I already own the disc?
Post #165796963 added 09-13-2023 9:46 AM by TMA-1 in Deal Talk
Cinemas are showing Batman movies on the big screen on Saturday the 16th - check locations around you, in NYC they're showing the Nolan trilogy
Post #165795691 added 09-13-2023 8:33 AM by dkcdfc in Deal Talk
a random search (Justice League - Zach Snyder version) in MA shows a higher price than $4.99
Post #165795694 added 09-13-2023 8:33 AM by nottrollin in Deal Talk
Zaslov didn't cause the mess that WB is in now. He was just sent in try to save the ship that others ran off the cliff. He didn't produce those Justice League, Fantastic Beasts, Flash or Black Adam...
Post #165794710 added 09-13-2023 7:26 AM by Zimmy in Deal Talk
FYI, the prices seems to be the same direct at Movies Anywhere in case you only wanted to buy one. I was interested in Flash and Mask of Phantasm.
Post #165794389 added 09-13-2023 6:56 AM by Snakeyes77 in Deal Talk
If it is MA compatible and you linked your Amazon account, yes.
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