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Post #166043257 added 09-26-2023 10:13 PM by jgon85 in Deal Talk
Did the Blaze promo expire? Cannot get it to redeem on the app
Post #166028074 added 09-26-2023 7:02 AM by SharpThread593 in Deal Talk
I tried the chicken mango flatbread yesterday, it was actually pretty good. Tasted like real food unlike most fast food places.
Post #166024231 added 09-25-2023 10:27 PM by cocomuffin in Deal Talk
My tropical Smoothie free flat bread is gone from my TS account even though it is suppose to be redeemable till 11:59 local time of each location. The code needed to be applied by 11.59 pm ET and my...
Post #166023913 added 09-25-2023 9:54 PM by vin100 in Deal Talk
Looking for 1 blaze code. Pm me if you have an extra one you won't use. Thanks and will rep!
Post #166023520 added 09-25-2023 9:29 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
Hehe … yeah, that’s true. The regulars are probably most likely to TU and often don’t show up until they’re live anyway.
Post #166023451 added 09-25-2023 9:24 PM by Gilla87 in Deal Talk
Lol, yeah I feel like it'd be silly to post it saying "check back next week for.. " when really it's a mere 5.5 hours before the deals are live... so I was leaning towards posting when they're all...
Post #166023436 added 09-25-2023 9:23 PM by m3coup in Deal Talk
I'll be happy to take them off her hands once the thread is up. :lmao:
Post #166023370 added 09-25-2023 9:18 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
Oh, gotcha. I don’t think it’s posted yet. Gilla doesn't seem to be a fan of the shrimp bowl and is hesitating, based on his last reply. :)
Post #166023316 added 09-25-2023 9:13 PM by m3coup in Deal Talk
No, I meant the thread for tomorrow's deals. :lol:
Post #166023223 added 09-25-2023 9:06 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
There wasn’t much to the post, but here it is in the thread … ...
Post #166023196 added 09-25-2023 9:02 PM by m3coup in Deal Talk
Where is the other thread by the way. Couldn't find it lol.
Post #166023172 added 09-25-2023 9:00 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
If you do post another thread, you might want to add a small note at the bottom that reminds people to purchase a “Print-At-Home” AGC if they want an actual claim code to send by PM instead of the...
Post #166023004 added 09-25-2023 8:46 PM by APlusIvyLeaguer in Deal Talk
Yes, i think that's the exact post. You buy it, "export PDF", and the code is there I believe.
Post #166022986 added 09-25-2023 8:45 PM by SeaWolfFan in Deal Talk
15 minutes left. Enjoy if you can. Tropical cafe: Z4T6P40 Crazy combo: CRD35C1MA8 Sams:
Post #166022971 added 09-25-2023 8:44 PM by SlySol in Deal Talk
I looked a bit in the old threads and didn’t see a way to extract the code from the link, but I did see that someone said you can choose to buy a “Print-At-Home” gift card instead of an eGift card,...
Post #166022938 added 09-25-2023 8:42 PM by StrongReward8456 in Deal Talk
Need tropical smoothie code please if you dont use it.
Post #166022893 added 09-25-2023 8:37 PM by Djblue11 in Deal Talk
Anyone have tropical smoothie they don’t want?
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