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Post #165934132 added 09-21-2023 7:30 AM by Eckster in Deal Talk
Looks like it's unavailable if you grabbed the similar deal for Cinnamon Toast Crunch that was on here a few days ago.
Post #165912817 added 09-19-2023 11:24 PM by Primroy in Deal Talk
Unable to replicate-$4.49 for me.
Post #165890524 added 09-18-2023 6:56 PM by Luigis3rdcousin in Deal Talk
This is my 90s childhood right here
Post #165839128 added 09-15-2023 2:20 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
If you want the reeses taste and essence but without the higher calories like in peanut butter cups. Would use this as a mix in for peanut butter and chocolate ice cream for ninja creami
Post #165834820 added 09-15-2023 10:09 AM by TurtlePerson2 in Deal Talk
It has cocoa in the ingredients, so it's a legitimate "chocolate" product in my mind. I think the "peanut butter chocolatey taste" is just a marketing slogan.
Post #165832993 added 09-15-2023 8:31 AM by thatguymark in Deal Talk
Chocolate like without actual chocolate involvement? I guess something like vanillin.
Post #165832861 added 09-15-2023 8:25 AM by lindasblack in Deal Talk
It's not bad. My son is a big fan of it.
Post #165832270 added 09-15-2023 7:42 AM by flapjabby in Deal Talk
can any experts explain what "chocolatey" means? (instead of just "chocolate")
Post #165832252 added 09-15-2023 7:40 AM by flapjabby in Deal Talk
Mario, is that you?? "once-a, twice-a"
Post #165831835 added 09-15-2023 7:10 AM by ryunohadouken in Deal Talk
Same. I've never had this cereal, but I'd try it
Post #165831427 added 09-15-2023 6:37 AM by asicshu in Deal Talk
It’s part of the American culture. Don’t stop us now
Post #165830599 added 09-15-2023 5:21 AM by subolime in Deal Talk
Hands down the most delicious cereal ever made.
Post #165829159 added 09-15-2023 12:45 AM by Eshelmen in Deal Talk
If there's one thing in life I can teach - it's either you love Reese's Cereal.... or you're wrong.
Post #165829045 added 09-15-2023 12:24 AM by SamQ in Deal Talk
Truth be told, I think this is okay to eat maybe once a twice a week. Definitely don't make a habit of it and it'll be just fine. Our bodies are very good at adapting, what it's not good is long term...
Post #165828499 added 09-14-2023 11:02 PM by Slacky in Deal Talk
This is disgustingly good stuff. Certainly not health food, unless you count mental health…
Post #165828466 added 09-14-2023 10:58 PM by thatguymark in Deal Talk
I wonder if you can still buy Brawndo, or if it actually has 5 kinds of sugar...
Post #165828454 added 09-14-2023 10:55 PM by jesuspwner420 in Deal Talk
It's made with whole grains. Though it may contain considerable amounts of sugar, it's a valuable source of grain and an essential part of a nutritious diet. Not to mention the cocoa--cancer-fighting...
Post #165827983 added 09-14-2023 10:10 PM by Fwumply in Deal Talk
I mean... it's named after a candy bar. They ain't trying to fool anyone.
Post #165827854 added 09-14-2023 10:01 PM by OzzY in Deal Talk
It got corn starch, corn syrup x 2, sugar.... come on America, let's get healthier and stop buying sugary crap... even if it's cheap...
Post #165825766 added 09-14-2023 7:32 PM by smoker68x in Deal Talk
Same here, 20% off, plus 10% S&S discount, came to $3.49 before tax ($0.12/oz). Thanks!
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