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Post #166044913 added 09-27-2023 3:23 AM by babyphish in Deal Talk
its down to $0 if you buy Rebirth (at full price) from SE store. PS5 only though
Post #166035193 added 09-26-2023 1:14 PM by trisk in Deal Talk
It was on sale a few months ago!
Post #165973204 added 09-22-2023 11:00 PM by Frank_Nitty in Deal Talk
Was unaware that Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade was finally on Steam...
Post #165969688 added 09-22-2023 5:57 PM by MusicShark in Deal Talk
SquareEnix is greedy as f.
Post #165935710 added 09-21-2023 7:50 AM by View92612 in Deal Talk
I want to share my experience with buying the whole collection of FF1, FF2, FF3(3D Remake), FF4, FF4A, FF5, FF6, FF7, and FF9 on Android. I bought all of them over the years whenever SquareEnix...
Post #165934297 added 09-21-2023 6:40 AM by JamesP8983 in Deal Talk
it wil lbe the cheapest in 500 years :)
Post #165931990 added 09-21-2023 2:07 AM by Kromekanon in Deal Talk
Top 5 RPG of all time!
Post #165924613 added 09-20-2023 2:38 PM by JK1982 in Deal Talk
Too close to black friday to jump on these weak sales
Post #165922480 added 09-20-2023 12:35 PM by Cebu in Deal Talk
For those on the fence: Powerwash Simulator takes the core mechanics of an FPS and then removes violence and time pressures. You're still running around, jumping, aiming, & shooting -- but your...
Post #165920560 added 09-20-2023 10:42 AM by airinato in Deal Talk
Worthless sale. Let me see who submitted it.... Yup of course, should have guessed. Not a sale posted by Staff.
Post #165919816 added 09-20-2023 10:02 AM by kalirob99 in Deal Talk
It’s to get the kids ready for the depressing future job market 😣
Post #165914452 added 09-20-2023 4:03 AM by EverettM1119 in Deal Talk
They’re majorly underselling it. Did you play the business management mini game in Yakuza: Way of the Dragon? It scratches that sort of itch. “Your” uncle gifts you a laundromat (which are a good way...
Post #165914239 added 09-20-2023 3:29 AM by barrera_j in Deal Talk
Check the STEAMDB website and search for the game you want... it tracks all price across all regions
Post #165902563 added 09-19-2023 11:20 AM by MusicShark in Deal Talk
If you want a good sleep, you could always power wash my driveway.
Post #165902506 added 09-19-2023 11:14 AM by langjie in Deal Talk
Sure can't wait for 4D technology with scents to really get the full unclogging toilet experience
Post #165902392 added 09-19-2023 11:08 AM by SpacedPimp in Deal Talk
Similar sale going on through the Microsoft store
Post #165891367 added 09-18-2023 6:51 PM by LivelySummer239 in Deal Talk
50% is typically the cheapest discount officially for most S.E titles digitally. You will find on sites like GMG occasionally you can get an extra XP offer if you are signed up to bring it in 60ish%...
Post #165865534 added 09-17-2023 8:53 AM by L84wrk in Deal Talk
Squeenix is really stingy with sales. They WILL have them, but don't hold your breath as to when or value. They know the value of nostalgia and can milk the ever loving heck out of it.
Post #165861235 added 09-16-2023 10:37 PM by airbiggs in Deal Talk
Can anyone tell me if this is the cheapest it’s been for all the final fantasy games? I’m looking to buy the whole collection but just don’t know when it’ll be the cheapest. Black Friday I’m...
Post #165851851 added 09-16-2023 9:33 AM by CarlosM5535 in Deal Talk
Sounds more like a janitor simulation.
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