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Post #168670822 added 01-12-2024 2:35 PM by BlackCarGuy in Hot Deals
Says out of stock and the price was US $731.06. 1322 have been sold.
Post #167266483 added 11-21-2023 10:24 AM by Deal_Hunter_X in Hot Deals
669.99 now.
Post #166686718 added 10-31-2023 1:31 AM by islandtrojan in Hot Deals
Was your work running any encryption or other security apps? I feel like my work laptop has only 1-2 hrs battery life but the non-work encrypted versions last 3-4x longer due to lack of bloat ware...
Post #166389175 added 10-14-2023 11:06 AM by deviantspeed in Hot Deals
You can use a port replicator over usb-c. But there is no docking port, typically proprietary and on the underside of the laptop. Docks are great, but usb-c port replicators can get messy.
Post #166382128 added 10-13-2023 9:31 PM by fintlewoodlewix in Hot Deals
If you say a computer has USB-C, you are saying it doesn't have Thunderbolt, even if unintentionally.
Post #166381339 added 10-13-2023 8:23 PM by electrobento in Hot Deals
The port is USB-C and one of the protocols is Thunderbolt.
Post #166376128 added 10-13-2023 2:26 PM by fintlewoodlewix in Hot Deals
It's Thunderbolt. So a USB-C connector that is compatible with USB-C but capable of much more.
Post #166374661 added 10-13-2023 1:10 PM by electrobento in Hot Deals
Yes, there is (USB-C).
Post #166325002 added 10-11-2023 10:47 AM by graymen2 in Hot Deals
I'm seriously considering picking up the touchscreen version of this laptop for $630. Seems like a great price for an ultra portable. The CPU is a little dated but I'm not too concern with it. I...
Post #166297486 added 10-10-2023 12:56 PM by superslickz in Hot Deals
If you can get Gen 2 then get that.
Post #166295737 added 10-10-2023 12:06 PM by EricL4229 in Hot Deals
So should i get the gen 1 or gen 2??
Post #166294756 added 10-10-2023 11:39 AM by Ride_The_Sky in Hot Deals
It's just AMD 5 but honestly I don't even follow the Intel processors anymore it's really out of hand with their rediculous numbering. I hope someone else can help you.
Post #166294066 added 10-10-2023 11:19 AM by graymen2 in Hot Deals
What's the AMD equivalent version of this laptop? I would prefer an AMD CPU versus Intel for the longer battery life.
Post #166200715 added 10-05-2023 5:51 PM by zapjb in Hot Deals
In the corporate world.
Post #166175503 added 10-04-2023 12:25 PM by Wahoo1855 in Hot Deals
In what universe was list price for this $2,919.00 ?
Post #166166134 added 10-03-2023 10:24 PM by SKV4m in Hot Deals
Is this a wannabe carbon x1?
Post #166160443 added 10-03-2023 3:55 PM by sushlet in Hot Deals
Those limits are to spec for that laptop, meaning all users of that laptop have a 65w limit through the TB port. They're just not easily found and usually not listed on the product page.
Post #166160173 added 10-03-2023 3:35 PM by fintlewoodlewix in Hot Deals
Something is wrong with the dock or something is wrong with the laptop.
Post #166156510 added 10-03-2023 12:09 PM by sushlet in Hot Deals
Yeah, it was a rhetorical question since the entire point of the manufacturer paying extra to add a Thunderbolt controller is to support docking. Though there are unexpected inconsistencies for...
Post #166154200 added 10-03-2023 10:05 AM by TheCrownPrince in Hot Deals
It would be like a Macbook Pro. You can use thunderbolt docking stations, but people who usually use Thinkpads prefer a native dock that you would actually dock into place instead of plugging in a...
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