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Post #165968899 added 09-22-2023 6:04 PM by Handpicking in Hot Deals
Same here. Best purchase ever made in 5 years. Blown away by the quality of sound.
Post #165950311 added 09-21-2023 8:37 PM by MechaMan in Hot Deals
Post #165941629 added 09-21-2023 1:19 PM by Greygooser in Hot Deals
I can only speak for myself, but I received my order today without incident. Brand new/sealed as described.
Post #165928687 added 09-20-2023 8:37 PM by Dpk_Kmr in Hot Deals
Have got my Liberty Pro 3 and power conf delivered today. Both are brand new. Excellent buy.!!
Post #165920353 added 09-20-2023 11:29 AM by parmarsaab in Hot Deals
Anyone else have no sound when LDAC is enabled on the q35?
Post #165898708 added 09-19-2023 8:55 AM by bryanchalker in Hot Deals
I would be very wary of A4C. I think they are doing some bait-and-switch tactics to get customers. I ordered the $45 Anker Liberty 3 earbuds as soon as they were mentioned. After waiting a few days I...
Post #165898489 added 09-19-2023 8:42 AM by bhala_bhagat in Hot Deals
A4C is very legit. They evolved from Ebay store I believe but at least my few interactions with A4C over past decade has been good. Nothing that stood out for wrong reasons.
Post #165888793 added 09-18-2023 5:01 PM by Willing2 in Hot Deals
Received an email today that stated I would be getting a refund because they are out of stock. I purchased pretty early in the sale I think anyway. Good luck
Post #165861814 added 09-17-2023 1:06 AM by TracerBullitt in Hot Deals
Be mindful of when it says for iPhone, they mean it. I bought it for my Pixel with a magnetic case (that works with other wireless chargers) and it wouldn't cooperate. Not saying don't buy it, I know...
Post #165855310 added 09-16-2023 3:00 PM by a_land in Hot Deals
yes, it's incredible. you can use the app to change it from conference room mode to a single speaker mode, and that way you dont have to mess with headphones or a separate mic or whatever. makes...
Post #165852100 added 09-16-2023 10:49 AM by TakeMeToYourDealer in Hot Deals
Good luck buying from this seller!!!
Post #165849181 added 09-16-2023 6:34 AM by scotthall3411 in Hot Deals
Is this good for wfh without having to have earbuds? My Jabra speak 510 died and I am not sure I want to solder a new battery in
Post #165843865 added 09-15-2023 7:01 PM by aznlovervh in Hot Deals
The refurbished Anker 633 charger works with the coupon too. That brings it down to $50 if anyone want it for $10 less.
Post #165842839 added 09-15-2023 5:58 PM by tucker.nebel in Hot Deals
I’ve bought from them for years and never have had an issue with them.
Post #165842620 added 09-15-2023 5:43 PM by travelnshot in Hot Deals
Post #165840397 added 09-15-2023 3:30 PM by StevenB1963 in Hot Deals
I have these and briefly thought that they didn't hold a charge. What was happening was they weren't getting seated in the charger correctly and not charging. Once I cleaned it up and made sure they...
Post #165839239 added 09-15-2023 2:25 PM by OctoberFox in Hot Deals
I know what you're talking about, and I agree, but this was presented information; more like a news piece than a review, and they not only brought the receipts, but the issue was even demonstrated by...
Post #165834544 added 09-15-2023 9:55 AM by Spinner6730 in Hot Deals
How come SD staff are allowed to change the title of this thread? It started out as headphones and earbuds, but now it's a vaccuum? Just start a new thread...
Post #165833014 added 09-15-2023 8:33 AM by CoreyR2384 in Hot Deals
While I agree with LTT not being the most reliable source for information, the Anker privacy issues were a well known issue. Linus was just reporting on information other less known people had...
Post #165832954 added 09-15-2023 8:30 AM by jamiecauser in Hot Deals
I've bought plenty from this seller over the years alot said refurbished but was brand new I got a couple really nice Otterbox coolers for like $50 brand new Been using them daily for years ...
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