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Post #165866443 added 09-17-2023 11:01 AM by emazur in Hot Deals
Dark Deity is a tribute to Fire Emblem series from the Gameboy Advance era - strongly recommended. I own it (plus the DLC) and put 90 hours into it. The game can has bugs in it which is the bad thing...
Post #165859132 added 09-16-2023 8:19 PM by DamienD6936 in Hot Deals
Bought river city girls fight n rage and itorah. RCG seems like a great value wtih high production values for its price. Was always interested in it on the switch but it was pricey. For like 2 bucks...
Post #165857635 added 09-16-2023 6:08 PM by Dascarecrow in Hot Deals
What timing lol, I almost bought Fight N Rage like a week ago because it was on sale for the same price as getting three games but now seeing this I'm glad I didn't commit. Thx for the post.
Post #165857440 added 09-16-2023 5:54 PM by BoingFwip in Hot Deals
Nothing else matters until we get back our boyfriends!
Post #165856018 added 09-16-2023 3:56 PM by mightar in Hot Deals
I consider Fight'N Rage one of the best beat em ups ever made (along with Streets of Rage Remake 5.1 and Double Dragon Advance).
Post #165851212 added 09-16-2023 9:44 AM by natofrombombato in Hot Deals
Edit; It has been fixed now. Wish I could delete
Post #165848851 added 09-16-2023 5:51 AM by TenaciousJP in Hot Deals
No love here for Dark Deity, which is a great modern take on the older-style Fire Emblem / Shinjng Force strategy RPGs. That one should be right up there if you’re stuck on one last game
Post #165848008 added 09-16-2023 1:54 AM by dchang0 in Hot Deals
Another vote for River City Girls--it's probably the best game in this bundle. Ara Fell is an excellent game too and a must-play. I recommend Fight N Rage, but not as strongly as River City Girls.
Post #165835255 added 09-15-2023 10:34 AM by Dgaart in Hot Deals
Lots of good games here, especially if you like oddball games or visual novels. Long Live the Queen recently went on my wishlist. It is a visual novel where your choices and underlying statistics...
Post #165833557 added 09-15-2023 9:03 AM by lito529 in Hot Deals
Fight n rage is good too.
Post #165832783 added 09-15-2023 8:21 AM by WiseMitten2773 in Hot Deals
Fight n Rage is so good, probably my favorite beat em up in recent memory. Long Live The Queen is also a good'n
Post #165825451 added 09-14-2023 7:15 PM by WreckerALeX in Hot Deals
Yah its the only game I kindy know on the list since I've played River City Ransom back then... Most on the list seems to be story anime flip-books​ types of story games...idk
Post #165820939 added 09-14-2023 2:42 PM by Dashey10 in Hot Deals
Killer is Dead Definitive Edition is another good pick. Can't speak for the others as I haven't tried them.
Post #165820006 added 09-14-2023 1:49 PM by RepFree83 in Hot Deals
yes, agreed, but what games other than that?
Post #165818029 added 09-14-2023 12:07 PM by Dashey10 in Hot Deals
If you're having trouble deciding on a game, you can't go wrong with River City Girls!
Post #165855397 added 09-14-2023 10:46 AM by citan359 in Hot Deals
Fanatical has Build Your Own Bento Bundle 3 (PC Digital Downloads) on sale as listed below. Thanks to Deal Hunter dubba-low for sharing this deal. Note: Steam account/application required to...
Post #165816400 added 09-14-2023 10:46 AM by dubba-low in Hot Deals
Fanatical has Build Your Own Bento Collection Bundle (PC Digital Download) on sale as listed below. Note: Steam account/application required to redeem code/play game (free to join) Available...

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