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Post #166079608 added 09-28-2023 10:50 PM by mtmountain2 in Hot Deals
I just received the Suhr Antique T from this deal and couldn't be happier!
Post #166055902 added 09-27-2023 4:03 PM by chansaikit in Hot Deals
Post #166040476 added 09-26-2023 7:34 PM by allenbee in Hot Deals
Don't know if you've found them already but they do have the Yamaha SLG200N and SLG200S
Post #165951397 added 09-21-2023 9:34 PM by chansaikit in Hot Deals
any slient guitar?
Post #165946819 added 09-21-2023 5:25 PM by flyingvee in Hot Deals
This looks like a duplicate of the ProAudioStar page - they have the same high dollar PRSi listed
Post #165912595 added 09-19-2023 11:00 PM by DogIRL in Hot Deals
Thank you for your input. I'm trying to decide between the gretsch and a duesenberg starplayer. The duesy is under 1600 but used
Post #165868063 added 09-17-2023 12:59 PM by MusicalMayhem in Hot Deals
I have a g6119t player's edition, which is basically the same guitar in a different color. I absolutely love it. It beats out my g5422tg all day long. I have 3 Japanese made Gretschs and they all...
Post #165846775 added 09-15-2023 10:42 PM by DogIRL in Hot Deals
A gretsch 6118t for under 1700 seems like a good deal. Anybody have experience with one?
Post #165845293 added 09-15-2023 8:49 PM by OoTLink in Hot Deals
Ok I'll give you that. I like the wood they use on the neck.
Post #165843052 added 09-15-2023 6:12 PM by fewlio in Hot Deals
here's my theory. this promo is good for one item. but, since they're all pretty expensive instruments and equipment you're gonna get free shipping, just add in one item at a time and then chick...
Post #165842560 added 09-15-2023 5:41 PM by allenbee in Hot Deals
Well, some of the Schecter guitars are still available and I think they're great for the money. The Nick Johnston signature models especially: Locking tuners, roasted maple neck, good stock Schecter...
Post #165841234 added 09-15-2023 4:22 PM by OoTLink in Hot Deals
Everything that wasn't ugly sold out instantly lol. Edit: Or costs $5000.
Post #165840526 added 09-15-2023 3:37 PM by fewlio in Hot Deals
I thiink they pull back 30 percent discount, now it is 20 percent
Post #165840187 added 09-15-2023 3:18 PM by allenbee in Hot Deals
Near the bottom of every product page you'll see what promotion they're running (30% off/50% off), it applies to the price when it's put in cart. The thumbnail doesn't actually mean much. You can...
Post #165840112 added 09-15-2023 3:14 PM by Core2Quad in Hot Deals
I got it to work finally in edge, what I'm confused about is in cart the 50% off guitars are showing 20% off??? So an $879 PRS is $700 roughly.... :confused:
Post #165840031 added 09-15-2023 3:10 PM by allenbee in Hot Deals
Sounds like JavaScript in your browser's disabled, if nothing's interactive.
Post #165839992 added 09-15-2023 3:06 PM by Core2Quad in Hot Deals
I've tried 2 browsers and about 10 items. Nothing happens when I add to cart, nothing shows up when i click cart button in top right corner. Unless I'm doing something wrong here....
Post #165839965 added 09-15-2023 3:04 PM by fewlio in Hot Deals
hey guys, I think it will say on the thumbnail page for the sales, wheter 30 50 or just some cash amount off normal. I'll keep investigating
Post #165839953 added 09-15-2023 3:04 PM by allenbee in Hot Deals
Still works on my end. Sounds like something might be wonky with your browser? Updating or restarting might fix it. Could be an extension as well. Or you might be trying to add something that's...
Post #165839863 added 09-15-2023 2:59 PM by Core2Quad in Hot Deals
Nothing shows in cart at all. I think website is broken?
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