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Post #166009369 added 09-25-2023 8:50 AM by androidf58 in Hot Deals
IT'S AMAZING. The game is challenging but for the most part very fair. You will be stressed by the xenos both in game which requires treatment (ala Darkest Dungeon insanities) and out. It really...
Post #165941593 added 09-21-2023 1:18 PM by DraconianMeasures in Hot Deals
Of course we will.. soon as elder scrolls 6 and GTA 6 drop.
Post #165892960 added 09-18-2023 9:31 PM by revere04 in Hot Deals
Went back to Starwars Online Old Republic, I forgot how much I love these older games with amazing story lines
Post #165881767 added 09-18-2023 10:33 AM by TPMJB in Hot Deals
Wait, Epic has games you pay for?
Post #165879388 added 09-18-2023 8:39 AM by dplane in Hot Deals
One of these days I'll go back and finish RDR2...
Post #165879187 added 09-18-2023 8:30 AM by stillmitch in Hot Deals
Loving it personally. Definitely prefer m+kb on PC.
Post #165877402 added 09-18-2023 6:15 AM by BostonBatman in Hot Deals
Considering it was given away over a year ago to try to get the player base up, everyone else feels similar
Post #165871249 added 09-17-2023 5:23 PM by glrobinsonshelby in Hot Deals
That part. I'm thinking about taking a year off from work to play starfield😆lbs
Post #165869947 added 09-17-2023 3:29 PM by BerdDog in Hot Deals
I haven’t played it enough since buying to give you a solid answer, but I personally didn’t encounter anything that was out of the norm for Battlefield titles. Ran really smooth on my system...
Post #165869746 added 09-17-2023 3:14 PM by Bigbent7 in Hot Deals
It’s $18 in the EA store as well which I believe just goes right to origin. Have they fixed most of the issues in the game?
Post #165869425 added 09-17-2023 2:52 PM by boourns84 in Hot Deals
How's the aliens game
Post #165868612 added 09-17-2023 1:46 PM by JoeBidet in Hot Deals
The people downvoting you must be actual children. Who tf actually enjoys that God awful game
Post #165868570 added 09-17-2023 1:43 PM by BerdDog in Hot Deals
For those considering getting BF2042, I recommended passing on this deal. I bought it through Epic somewhat recently for about the same price. Didn’t know it would require Epic and Origins to be open...
Post #165867997 added 09-17-2023 12:52 PM by WallStreetBets in Hot Deals
Starfield - good? You like?
Post #165867922 added 09-17-2023 12:47 PM by SquirtTortuga in Hot Deals
Are we ever going to move on from Skyrim and GTA V? Has video game evolution peaked?
Post #165865207 added 09-17-2023 9:31 AM by 3JABO in Hot Deals
Depends on what you're currently playing? I don't care how good a deal is today, I'll likely be playing Starfield for the next couple months so waiting til Black Friday is a no brainer.
Post #165862972 added 09-17-2023 6:01 AM by WallStreetBets in Hot Deals
should i buy game now or wait black friday for better deal.
Post #165842341 added 09-15-2023 5:30 PM by gshortelljr in Hot Deals
If BF 2042 was f2p I still wouldn't play it
Post #165840202 added 09-15-2023 3:19 PM by backw00dz in Hot Deals
Correct. "Fully remastered"
Post #165840145 added 09-15-2023 3:16 PM by Slimeyface in Hot Deals
Yeah They’re really good
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