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Post #167952373 added 12-11-2023 7:08 AM by infin8007 in Hot Deals
i should buy stock in nintendo.
Post #166076848 added 09-28-2023 7:08 PM by evila in Hot Deals
This ganondorf looks hella cool, I've collected a few cool amiibos even I don't play them games. do what you want
Post #165879817 added 09-18-2023 9:02 AM by TheBanditKing in Hot Deals
DLC when you scan the bottom to the controller.
Post #165879808 added 09-18-2023 9:02 AM by TheBanditKing in Hot Deals
Post #165878635 added 09-18-2023 7:59 AM by bobwwii in Hot Deals
Anyone want to buy some used Skylanders cheap? and since when is Ganondorf green?
Post #165878065 added 09-18-2023 7:22 AM by gets in Hot Deals
The whole suavemente gag throughout any Zelda video is great:
Post #165877336 added 09-18-2023 6:06 AM by tanman99 in Hot Deals
As much as TotK? Sure.
Post #165877204 added 09-18-2023 5:50 AM by qkumbr in Hot Deals
"No DLC" could mean future DLC is amiibo-locked: >Gold enemies >New armor >Master Sword power-ups >The Master Glider Zero hanging in the Hateno Ancient Tech lab Many such cases!
Post #165874375 added 09-17-2023 9:35 PM by TrocitY in Hot Deals
Gives you in-game items that can be used fairly early in the story. However, most can be obtained without the amiibo by naturally progressing, and you can buy NFC cards that give you the same thing....
Post #165874012 added 09-17-2023 9:04 PM by flyhigh123 in Hot Deals
What does a amiibo do?
Post #165867751 added 09-17-2023 12:33 PM by Lanmanna in Hot Deals
Cool story, bro.
Post #165862618 added 09-17-2023 4:54 AM by tanman99 in Hot Deals
That guardian was huge though. And more than $20. Ganon doesn’t look that much bigger but I guess we’ll see soon enough. Even Skyward Sword Zelda came with the bird too so that one seemed more...
Post #165862507 added 09-17-2023 4:23 AM by HomerOnTheToilet in Hot Deals
Yeah I did a double take when I compared his price to Zelda’s. I am going to assume he is a larger statue compared to not only Zelda but most Amiibos. Not Detective Pikachu level, I don’t know what...
Post #165862318 added 09-17-2023 3:23 AM by barrera_j in Hot Deals
Nintendo fans will cry tears of joy because their products are getting more expensive...
Post #165862309 added 09-17-2023 3:22 AM by barrera_j in Hot Deals
there's tons of DLC and expansions that do exactly that...
Post #165861523 added 09-17-2023 12:19 AM by soultar1 in Hot Deals
Wow somebody needs to settle down. Sounds like you know this isn't a deal...
Post #165860482 added 09-16-2023 10:08 PM by wighty in Hot Deals
Oh really? Hmm...
Post #165860014 added 09-16-2023 9:26 PM by CaptainBarber in Hot Deals
Why pay when you can get it for free. Only if you have android phone. Wait for the amiibo id, download it with the 3rd party amiibo app and use your phone as amiibo.
Post #165859390 added 09-16-2023 8:37 PM by TheBanditKing in Hot Deals
I resell these for easy money
Post #165859348 added 09-16-2023 8:34 PM by tanman99 in Hot Deals
That’s one perspective. But DLC doesn’t usually generate hundreds of hours of entertainment IMO.
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