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Post #167186041 added 11-19-2023 7:58 AM by roninwar2 in Hot Deals
It is now $1949 with the same discount code as the base price has lowered. Anyone got this other than those that have commented previously?
Post #166230046 added 10-07-2023 6:45 AM by semjase in Hot Deals
Which it was 240v to tie into a micro inverter system.
Post #166221847 added 10-06-2023 4:56 PM by novicewon in Hot Deals
This is pretty cool if it holds up its a decent price vs well known brands like delta jackery... still these are crazy ineffective cost wise. 5kwh is very large capacity for "portable" battery...
Post #166197550 added 10-05-2023 2:49 PM by vikingbob in Hot Deals
I know this is a strange use case but how durable would this be. Could the battery survive being transported across bumpy, rocky condions regularly? I have a Polaris Ranger Kinetic that I sometimes...
Post #166185400 added 10-04-2023 10:29 PM by golfreak in Hot Deals
You're forgetting the solar charge controller(mppt). Still for needing something this massive I would go this route too. You learn how to build a system and if things go wrong, you can replace...
Post #166174294 added 10-04-2023 11:28 AM by zounds in Hot Deals
For the 1000W limit, my guess is that the battery management system won't let the batteries charge faster than that.
Post #166172335 added 10-04-2023 9:58 AM by RichC8284 in Hot Deals
This is a pretty good deal if you need a mobile all-in-one system. If you don't, you can save some money buying a battery and inverter. 5120Wh converts to about 427Ah. I put a new 400Ah LiFePO4...
Post #166171081 added 10-04-2023 8:58 AM by f1ydave in Hot Deals
Just look up the wattage and calculate it.
Post #166170841 added 10-04-2023 8:45 AM by FairSofa5430 in Hot Deals
The ECOFLOW LFP products are regularly on sale around $0.50/Wh. The faster recharging, from multiple sources, is worthwhile.
Post #166169152 added 10-04-2023 6:42 AM by TardarSauce in Hot Deals
I think if you own a house, you can get 30% tax credit since it is >3kWh could someone verify?
Post #166165417 added 10-03-2023 9:29 PM by bdtang in Hot Deals
Waiting for their pro model that has a 240v plug and higher 4000w and surge 8000 w rating.
Post #166165393 added 10-03-2023 9:29 PM by golfreak in Hot Deals
Couple of more notes after after a review. The capacity is ~4500wh which is 87%. I was hoping for at >90%. The voltage is only 110v. It's fine for most electrical stuff but why not make this at...
Post #166164160 added 10-03-2023 8:15 PM by golfreak in Hot Deals
It's more like .40 cents per wh. Probably the best deal for a bigger power station I've seen. Only thing it's missing is BT/Wifi connection and 240v plug.
Post #166163287 added 10-03-2023 7:02 PM by shoulda2 in Hot Deals
Major downside to this one is if you lose the solar cable or car plug type one you are SOL ... nothing out there( even with the appropriate orange connector with extra pin etc ) works to charge this...
Post #166162012 added 10-03-2023 5:41 PM by SpacedPimp in Hot Deals
50 cents per Wh is a decent deal
Post #166161991 added 10-03-2023 5:39 PM by TwinPrime in Hot Deals
If you have a city card, use one that extends the warranty for 24 months on top of the 3 year warranty. They will also cover you if the company goes out of business.... Review here on this unit: ...
Post #166002526 added 09-24-2023 8:12 PM by TySp2 in Hot Deals
6kw solar package!
Post #165992581 added 09-24-2023 7:19 AM by billironman1 in Hot Deals
It's only rated to just over 2,000 Watts it cannot have a 30 amp receptacle, it wouldn't be possible. 30x120=3600
Post #165985330 added 09-23-2023 5:07 PM by StrategyFreak in Hot Deals
Ecoflow claims a long warranty but trying to get service from them is like pulling teeth. They make decent products but not worth what is 1.75-2x the price
Post #165960328 added 09-22-2023 10:21 AM by Nostar14 in Hot Deals
Thank you for your answer. This may do the trick then depending on how long it would take to charge via solar panels. Whether this one or another it looks like I need a minimum of 5kw
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