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Post #166465504 added 10-18-2023 7:48 PM by social_gamer in Hot Deals
Thank you for posting this. Lost my book and this was very helpful
Post #166201540 added 10-05-2023 6:44 PM by Osaka75 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the better detail. And I didn't know bout the max of $13. Is this a cheap way to get a TV delivered? j/k
Post #166141432 added 10-02-2023 3:57 PM by j2sys in Hot Deals
Divide the (Same Day tab in app) price by 1.17. Instacart adds a 17% markup, max of $13. E.g. Same Day list $23.39, divide that by 1.17 gets you $19.99. Note that prices vary by...
Post #166141342 added 10-02-2023 3:51 PM by aznmidude in Hot Deals
Post #166076437 added 09-28-2023 6:40 PM by Osaka75 in Hot Deals
Go to Same Day Costco. Enter your address. Find the product. Take about 88% of the price. That's about the price in the store. Make sure if the price is before or after the sale price discount.
Post #166056853 added 09-27-2023 5:02 PM by INVALID in Hot Deals
Do you have a Pick N Save in your city?
Post #166052599 added 09-27-2023 12:47 PM by jasefanz in Hot Deals
They moved them to the registers to check ID ;-)
Post #166052575 added 09-27-2023 12:45 PM by jasefanz in Hot Deals
Went today … food court was outside … in the Florida heat .. and humidity … and buggy
Post #166051858 added 09-27-2023 12:07 PM by dspindler in Hot Deals
I'm very dubious that Discount Tire saves anybody money. I've not checked every price on every tire, but their installation cost is higher than Costco and their everyday prices (and sale prices) are...
Post #166051681 added 09-27-2023 11:57 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
I was talking about food courts specifically. Places around here always have someone at the front, and recently they have been checking @ SCO because losers "share" cards with their friends. I've...
Post #166051534 added 09-27-2023 11:50 AM by nortotron in Hot Deals
The store near me seems to have eliminated the membership checker job - haven't seen anyone near the entrance for few months now. Even otherwise, customer service is near the exit door. It is...
Post #166051447 added 09-27-2023 11:46 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
Do you live in CA?
Post #166051405 added 09-27-2023 11:42 AM by dfobmw in Hot Deals
The costco by me requires showing membership just to get in the door.
Post #166051219 added 09-27-2023 11:31 AM by Gemino in Hot Deals
Thank you! I almost step on the trap! Cheers!
Post #166049671 added 09-27-2023 10:08 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
Last Saturday. Where do you live? CA? That explains it.
Post #166049632 added 09-27-2023 10:05 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
That's because all their stores have different pricing.
Post #166049620 added 09-27-2023 10:04 AM by Dr. J in Hot Deals
RUMOR is that in some places, they check for membership. That's due to unsavory people. You know, basically Costco probably doesn't care if the random person gets a cheap hot dog but when droves go...
Post #166049320 added 09-27-2023 9:49 AM by theGr81 in Hot Deals
there are some Costcos where the food court is separate from the warehouse so yes its possible to get food there without a membership card
Post #166048099 added 09-27-2023 8:53 AM by SeriousAction106 in Hot Deals
did any one else pick up the samsonite luggage? if so did yours come with a laundry bag? mine didnt and was wondering if it was worth going back for an exchange...speaking of would i need to bring...
Post #166041649 added 09-26-2023 8:51 PM by jasefanz in Hot Deals
Does anyone know if when ordering online the cc used has to be in primary name? Can it be a cc with same last name and address instead??
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