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Post #168315841 added 12-25-2023 11:23 AM by Deadbydawn in Hot Deals
It seems the Home Depot in my area doesn’t know how many items they have in stock. Ordered several ryobi items as gifts on Dec 3rd and they never came. Called and was told it would be shipped the...
Post #167915245 added 12-09-2023 1:43 PM by figurado1 in Hot Deals
It has been expired for quite a while. Slickdeals admin doesn't seem to care.
Post #167765257 added 12-03-2023 8:45 PM by esprofesor714 in Hot Deals
Confirmed. Can’t hack. Have to return both items
Post #167758177 added 12-03-2023 3:24 PM by IndigoSnail848 in Hot Deals
Hi! So I just picked up a drill/driver and impact. I need bits and have none. What do you recommend? Thanks!
Post #167731273 added 12-02-2023 1:00 PM by nottrollin in Hot Deals
Yes they 'disappeared ' the offer online but you can still go into the store and do this deal. There was plenty of batteries left in my local stores and the large "Buy this , Get one Free" signs...
Post #167698351 added 12-01-2023 11:06 AM by majic723 in Hot Deals
Deal is dead. Might still be able to get in store but they completely removed the batteries from their website
Post #167680387 added 11-30-2023 7:59 PM by sdineen in Hot Deals
Post #167651524 added 11-29-2023 10:04 PM by Gerrick in Hot Deals
Ordered this + router on 11/8 for pick up at two different stores. Picked up and used router and expected batteries to be returned. Got a call that batteries would be returned on 11/24. On 11/27 I...
Post #167640751 added 11-29-2023 3:18 PM by IndigoSnail848 in Hot Deals
So can this hack be done with in store purchases also? Or does the receipt split differently if a combo is purchased off the shelf in store?
Post #167632267 added 11-29-2023 11:04 AM by HunkaBurninLove in Hot Deals
I missed the Direct Tools Outlet BF/Cyber Monday sale, but they had the Ryobi 18+ and 40V blower on sale, which I thought were pretty good deals. I've got a cheapie Sun Joe blower that is adequate...
Post #167630488 added 11-29-2023 10:17 AM by DealSherlock in Hot Deals
Yeah. I want that. Waiting for a sale on the 40v blower, though. Chainsaw, too.
Post #167623174 added 11-29-2023 6:06 AM by jmhinkle in Hot Deals
I've never bought the extended warranty either. I had 1 of the new HP Hammer Drills have a switch problem in the first 6 months back in 2018 timeframe and it was fixed right away. I smoked one of...
Post #167622733 added 11-29-2023 5:46 AM by DealSherlock in Hot Deals
I never get the extended coverage. I’ve got tons of one+ tools and I’ve never had a tool die in less than ten years. Hell, I’ve only managed to break two and I’m about the hardest DIYer you can...
Post #167622130 added 11-29-2023 4:59 AM by LostBoy80 in Hot Deals
I returned a free tool with battery combo and the lady refunded me the entire cost and let me keep the two batteries. That’s profit.
Post #167605669 added 11-28-2023 3:41 PM by nottrollin in Hot Deals
It seems like it gives 'error' messages when trying to place an online order. But they still have the signs up in the stores for this offer.
Post #167538292 added 11-27-2023 6:29 AM by stasis in Hot Deals
Wish the 2 batt + die grinder would come back. $99 for the kit is better than the $85 for just the grinder alone
Post #167459746 added 11-25-2023 8:51 AM by Hardwyre in Hot Deals
Same. Lady wants a Dyson (because her friends have them) but I already have dozens of Ryobi tools and the new brushless vac was awesome when I tested my friend's.
Post #167459620 added 11-25-2023 8:49 AM by Hardwyre in Hot Deals
You ignorant blowhards can never come up with any new jokes.
Post #167443702 added 11-24-2023 9:02 PM by StrongBanana189 in Hot Deals
Is your experience with the brushes or brushless version? And what size? I’ve used my friend’s brushed 5 1/2” saw and honestly, that saw just ain’t cuttin it. Literally. Stops in the middle of a cut...
Post #167418787 added 11-24-2023 12:07 PM by RodShaft in Hot Deals
Was hoping for a stick vac.
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