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Post #165921808 added 09-20-2023 12:57 PM by politelyerased in Deal Talk
finally stopped whining and set up movies anywhere and _omg_ what have i been waiting for
Post #165921340 added 09-20-2023 12:30 PM by jasongw in Deal Talk
All streaming 4k to date, IMHO, looks little to no better than 1080p. 4k *disk* on the other hand, is a different beast entirely.
Post #165916345 added 09-20-2023 8:02 AM by DavidD6012 in Deal Talk
Getting Home Alone since it's only available on Starz. Trying to quench my Christmas spirit in September, and don't want to deal with the dancing stripper lady going from gentlemen to gentlemen on a...
Post #165913786 added 09-20-2023 2:17 AM by peeps in Deal Talk
It's been common knowledge for awhile that Apple TV has the highest bitrate followed by MoviesAnywhere. However, other features like HDR and Dolby Atmos vary among the different streaming services...
Post #165912388 added 09-19-2023 10:31 PM by James_bond003 in Deal Talk
Really good collection this time, but unfortunately I have most of the good movies already in my collection.
Post #165912205 added 09-19-2023 10:15 PM by Kamberk in Deal Talk
Do you have any link that supports this statement? I googled it and couldn't find anything that had hard data on bitrates...
Post #165911779 added 09-19-2023 9:37 PM by Jerseyboy76 in Deal Talk
Their bitrate is nothing compared to apple and movies anywhere and alot of them movies are through studios who don't participate in MA. So Vudu will be your only stream.
Post #165907504 added 09-19-2023 4:38 PM by Jerseyboy76 in Deal Talk
Vudu streaming is horrible for 4k. Apple or Movie's Anywhere is the best quality
Post #165907261 added 09-19-2023 4:22 PM by pseudoswede in Deal Talk
I see about 9 movies I want to add to my collection. Can you do three orders of 3 on the same account?
Post #165906721 added 09-19-2023 3:55 PM by peeps in Deal Talk
Seems to have been added on Sept 18th. Notable ones include True Romance (Unrated), Swingers, The Graduate, Indiana Jones Temple of Doom and Crystal Skull, The Meg, Rampage, Tag, Road to Perdition,...
Post #165900085 added 09-19-2023 10:05 AM by nasst in Deal Talk
When did they add new stuff? The last I can find is 2021
Post #165896560 added 09-19-2023 6:34 AM by peeps in Deal Talk
FYI. Vudu added new movie titles to its D2D conversion service. Google document here:
Post #165895783 added 09-19-2023 5:16 AM by Discombobulated in Deal Talk
At the moment, you'll have to access this sale on a desktop when logged into your VUDU account. Later today, the sale should fully update and you'll be able to access it via any mobile devices. ...
Post #165895687 added 09-19-2023 4:59 AM by MMakoto in Deal Talk
Link doesn’t work. Can’t find it on Vudu either. Weird.
Post #165912448 added 09-19-2023 4:29 AM by jimmytx in Deal Talk
VUDU is hosting their Autumn 4K UHD Mix & Match for select Digital 4K UHD Films on sale for 3 for $14.99. Thanks to Deal Editor Discombobulated for sharing this deal. Note, must select (3)...
Post #165895537 added 09-19-2023 4:29 AM by Discombobulated in Deal Talk
VUDU For those interested Note, must select (3) qualifying digital films from the list. Must login to your account to view sale Films through various studios: Warner Bros., Sony, Paramount,...

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