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Post #168948385 added 01-27-2024 12:18 PM by pisceanzoro in Hot Deals
True, even I got the same response. They were not able to update the purchase date or extend the original warranty. Has anyone got success recently?
Post #168594733 added 01-08-2024 3:44 PM by justjeeeeen in Hot Deals
Do you remember what you said to add the apple warranty on? I called right now and the support specialist was unable to add it saying he's never heard of this. It got escalated to a senior rep and he...
Post #168372529 added 12-28-2023 2:36 AM by zeth006 in Hot Deals
Might wanna ask this over at the r/macbook and r/macbookpro subreddits as I'm not the most well-versed in these details. I'm a light user, mostly using my Mac for websurfing and reading documents,...
Post #168345244 added 12-26-2023 8:41 PM by AmusedMitten5918 in Hot Deals
Can anyone comment on this? 16 GB vs 32 @ 1TB vs. 512gb? its only 50 bucks more on my end for the 32 GB ram but I loose half the storage space and drop from 10 Core to 8. I don't have large storage...
Post #166888777 added 11-08-2023 6:58 PM by SpyCracker in Hot Deals
For 1599 you can buy M2 Pro, 16GB ram, 512GB ssd on apple website (refurb) which I prefer due to the newer processor.
Post #166658926 added 10-29-2023 2:45 PM by zeth006 in Hot Deals
Snagged the MBP 14 with 16gb/1TB for myself. Will look into extending the warranty as well.
Post #166559083 added 10-24-2023 10:12 AM by justinj16 in Hot Deals
I was looking for open box, but ended up purchasing one certified refurbished. Someone probably had buyers remorse and returned. I think its worth.
Post #166447447 added 10-17-2023 7:43 PM by d2theyip in Hot Deals
Is an Open box for 1,259.96 worth it?
Post #166273840 added 10-09-2023 5:42 PM by justinj16 in Hot Deals
thanks for that! Mine came back with 440GB read /362GB written if anyone cares hahaha
Post #166244296 added 10-08-2023 3:38 AM by AquaPicture2620 in Hot Deals
Check this out:
Post #166241974 added 10-07-2023 9:56 PM by justjeeeeen in Hot Deals
how did you check your SSD
Post #166160248 added 10-03-2023 3:41 PM by nevember in Hot Deals
No. But I’m planning to
Post #166160149 added 10-03-2023 3:32 PM by ImRickJames in Hot Deals
Did you buy applecare yet?
Post #166135045 added 10-02-2023 10:38 AM by ImRickJames in Hot Deals
I see several people mentioned they were able to update the Apple warranty date and made them eligible for AppleCare+. But has anyone successfully added AppleCare?
Post #166092718 added 09-29-2023 5:36 PM by nevember in Hot Deals
Diamond are legit. Check the cycle count, it should be at 2.
Post #166092703 added 09-29-2023 5:35 PM by nevember in Hot Deals
Called Apple support today the 2nd time and was able to get the purchase date updated and got the 1year warranty and now I can buy AppleCare :) So, Diamond is a legitimate refurbishment and HUCA...
Post #166061224 added 09-27-2023 9:37 PM by justinj16 in Hot Deals
Just picked up the last one from Tustin and it was also refurbished by Diamond, anyone know how reputable Diamond is vs Apple refurbished?
Post #166056700 added 09-27-2023 4:51 PM by nevember in Hot Deals
Mine is Diamond refurbished as well. I’m going to try calling Apple support again and report back here.
Post #166052242 added 09-27-2023 12:25 PM by VladimirY in Hot Deals
Might be a case of HUCA. Mine was refurbished by "Diamond ", not Apple and it was even showing on the receipt. I still called, they asked to upload the receipt and a few minutes later my purchase...
Post #166049104 added 09-27-2023 9:36 AM by nevember in Hot Deals
I bought one of these in Minneapolis a couple of days. It doesn’t look like it’s an Apple CPO and the Microcenter guys told me it was refurbished by another company. It was in the original box...
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