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Post #166017448 added 09-25-2023 3:27 PM by wberrier in Hot Deals
I use a normal bike lock: around the stem that attaches to the base (the lock has to be tight enough that the scooter can't be fed through the lock). Also, some scooters have "electronic locks"...
Post #166014427 added 09-25-2023 12:46 PM by BahamutEOS in Hot Deals
I wonder how do you put a bike lock on an electric scooter? They get stolen so quickly I don't really see them as an option.
Post #165973777 added 09-23-2023 1:12 AM by Pending... in Hot Deals
So far, after 24 miles, I am still impressed with the premium feel. It's definitely heavy and not easy to lift upstairs or carry. I've driven mostly at night with cars and potholes, and the lights in...
Post #165972082 added 09-22-2023 10:00 PM by Core2Quad in Hot Deals
Most people don't buy a scooter to do completely without a car, but to use it along side of a car. I mean even if you shave a few thousand miles off your cars usage per year, how much are you going...
Post #165971728 added 09-22-2023 9:26 PM by wberrier in Hot Deals
That's a fair concern... So far I've found it difficult to be able to get parts and repairs done for my scooters. That being said, I budget about $350 per month for my every day car, which...
Buy a used one from a goodwill store.
Post #165962083 added 09-22-2023 11:44 AM by Core2Quad in Hot Deals
Been curious how many miles people can get out of a scooter like this before it fails or requires significant repairs. I was talking about this with a friend, I'm not convinced these are cheaper to...
Post #165960841 added 09-22-2023 10:48 AM by wberrier in Hot Deals
This is a good price for these specs from a name brand. I'll second Aovo Pro scooters. They are very similar to the more popular brands but so much cheaper. The Aovo Pro ESMAX is better...
Post #165956365 added 09-22-2023 7:06 AM by SplendidFlag282 in Hot Deals
Get the multiyear warranty from Allstate on the eBay page. I bought a scooter from walmart and the protection plan has already paid for itself three times over. Tire repair/replacement ranges from...
Post #165956107 added 09-22-2023 6:51 AM by Shuyin in Hot Deals
How is this compared to the segway es3+? I have one I got for pretty cheap off newegg.
Post #165956002 added 09-22-2023 6:43 AM by Indiffidence in Hot Deals
Just big boned
Post #165955171 added 09-22-2023 5:31 AM by scotts9612 in Hot Deals
I love this scooter it is great I ride it to work everyday. This thing is built great has a great warranty and I love it
Post #165954469 added 09-22-2023 3:52 AM by Rockalittle in Hot Deals
Post #165954331 added 09-22-2023 3:19 AM by PowerfulDesk9548 in Hot Deals
All depends on your weight. Aovo es80 for $235 including shipping and tax. If you're 135-175lbs you'll go 25 (twenty-five) miles all day at 11 mph even with hills. I get 30miles if I just cruise. Got...
Post #165952735 added 09-21-2023 11:01 PM by Lordgenome in Hot Deals
Well, mine arrived. It's got some nice features like an electric lock and a physical lock (4 # code) but it feels like it's not very premium. The deck feels cheap, the monochrome gray plastic...
Post #165951967 added 09-21-2023 10:07 PM by hoyun in Hot Deals
That's a very very good range for the price, but 51 lb is just way too heavy. I have the GXL v2 for more than a year, solid build, actual range about 9 miles. The biggest problem though is the super...
Post #165951346 added 09-21-2023 9:30 PM by Flawless700 in Hot Deals
Are you calling me fat
Post #165949978 added 09-21-2023 8:24 PM by darkmark in Hot Deals
So I've had the gotrax gxl v2 for about two years and still going. Yes it's advertised as I think 12m range but goes more like 6. It has been durable though and held up for 2yr. Would prob upgrade if...
Post #165949750 added 09-21-2023 8:12 PM by Undefined.null in Hot Deals
Most of America is, they should really set the range based on the average person, not an underweight 12 year old.
Post #165949630 added 09-21-2023 8:05 PM by hizzledizzle in Hot Deals
Same price on the official website.
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