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Post #166004509 added 09-24-2023 11:15 PM by thadoggfather in Deal Talk
I don't have anything else to compare it to but mine is still on 13.5.2 maybe some difference between versions not sure I think people were reporting stuttering on 13.6 that was not there...
Post #166003165 added 09-24-2023 9:00 PM by runtohell121 in Deal Talk
13.6? Whatever is the latest. Probably been spoiled by using the 2021 MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro for too long.
Post #166003057 added 09-24-2023 8:51 PM by thadoggfather in Deal Talk
yes it would which version of macOS?
Post #166002073 added 09-24-2023 7:39 PM by runtohell121 in Deal Talk
Damn.. Noticed a little stutter every now and then with just chrome and safari open with a few tabs + youtube. Could be the display though as I do notice it not as smooth as the Pro Motion...
Post #166001647 added 09-24-2023 7:06 PM by chaoss in Deal Talk
AppleCare would be eligible on these open box apple products?
Post #166001353 added 09-24-2023 6:45 PM by robertw477 in Deal Talk
M3 may not be on the 15 as they released this 3 months ago. Why roll out the same model with a new chip 3 months later. Maybe for the 13.6 model. In any case I can assure you that the M1/ and M2 are...
Post #165994216 added 09-24-2023 9:28 AM by thadoggfather in Deal Talk
If you have BB total tech ac+ monthly is included
Post #165988744 added 09-23-2023 9:14 PM by kdupuis77 in Deal Talk
Hmm, well if what you got from BestBuy is in great shape and essentially has an unused battery (only 2 cycles) you may as well keep what you have. I imagine the only other reason to pay the extra...
Post #165988345 added 09-23-2023 8:47 PM by runtohell121 in Deal Talk
Don't have Amazon Prime Visa - and I already purchased the MacBook Air 15 from Best Buy in person as the laptop checked out fine - 2 battery cycle count; warranty through July 2024. But I'm still...
Post #165987103 added 09-23-2023 7:19 PM by kdupuis77 in Deal Talk
Here he comes to save the day! If you can spot the extra ~$116, you should first go to Amazon and order a BRAND NEW ONE at this link: ...
Post #165986968 added 09-23-2023 7:06 PM by runtohell121 in Deal Talk
$933 + taxes ~$1,025 for a "satisfactory" starlight that looks pretty new to me... bought it but second guessing if it was really worth it. Just replacing the MacBook Pro 16 M1 Pro with something...
Post #165984835 added 09-23-2023 4:28 PM by knightnday in Deal Talk
Your location?
Post #165982945 added 09-23-2023 2:05 PM by Elon69 in Deal Talk
This 15” is so close to weight of my Pro14. I decided to skip for now and kept the Pro14. This is a wonderful machine if I didn’t already have the 13” version and Pro14
Post #165982441 added 09-23-2023 1:27 PM by thadoggfather in Deal Talk
you're looking at midnight, it is the silver specifically you need to see this price for excellent condition ranked open boxes.
Post #165982102 added 09-23-2023 1:04 PM by CraigI in Deal Talk
Local BB or shipped in for me (New England) - excellent is 955. I'm not sure it's worthwhile as it's only ship to home so I can't check when it was opened (warranty, AppleCare). On the other hand,...
Post #165981970 added 09-23-2023 12:54 PM by DrGordonFreeman in Deal Talk
I think if I were using the 16” m1 as my dedicated work station and didn’t have an external monitor then it would be fantastic. The issue is I do have a monitor and for those times I want to carry...
Post #165980488 added 09-23-2023 11:31 AM by a5ehren in Deal Talk
Pro has actual cooling, so that M1 Pro should smoke the M2 Air for any sustained use.
Post #165980209 added 09-23-2023 11:16 AM by 2k2tii in Deal Talk
I looked at my price adjustment, and they actually credited me $61 (instead of $40). So total was 955.97 - 61 = 894.97 (tax included)
Post #165979879 added 09-23-2023 11:00 AM by FaithfulName1228 in Deal Talk
Thoughts on specking out M2 Air to 16/512 and paying 1600 with student discount, or buying a certified pre owned M1 Pro 16” 16/512 for 1500?
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