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Post #167247838 added 11-20-2023 8:19 PM by TalentedField9734 in Deal Talk
Post #166490779 added 10-20-2023 9:19 AM by TenderGiraffe529 in Deal Talk
Anyone else get the celltrion diatrust tests? I took two this morning very faint line. Looks shiny. Is gray looking, with no pink. Tried running a test with just solution (w/o using swab) and...
Post #166391827 added 10-14-2023 2:10 PM by wyzustc in Deal Talk
Got BinaxNow kit which expired on July 1st. This is how government wasted our tax dollars
Post #166374388 added 10-13-2023 12:59 PM by slickdealmeals in Deal Talk
Got a BinaxNow test that expired a couple of months ago, not on the FDA list of the "15-22 shelf life extension" list where duration from the previous date to the new one is far less than 15 months....
Post #166196689 added 10-05-2023 2:01 PM by transparent99 in Deal Talk
EO causing cancer is a valid concern, if you are breathing it in. The question is: is there EO on the swabs? (Or sterilized bandaids or scalpels or whatever else may be sterilized using EO) EO is...
Post #166196032 added 10-05-2023 1:25 PM by SkydivingSteve in Deal Talk
The EPA lists EO as cancer causing through your inhalation passage. The cotton is yellow, not white. Regardless to what anyone says, the cotton should be white. There's definitely some residue on it,...
Post #166188496 added 10-05-2023 6:38 AM by crazymonkey1208 in Deal Talk
I got 2 lines. My nose is pregnant
Post #166188220 added 10-05-2023 6:16 AM by transparent99 in Deal Talk
Generally if the control line shows up clearly, the test result should be good.
Post #166183618 added 10-04-2023 8:21 PM by transparent99 in Deal Talk
This is misinfo. It’s based on a poor understanding of chemistry— EO is a volatile gas. It doesn’t stick around, it reacts with any pathogens (to sterilize via oxidation) and then dissipates quickly.
Post #166183609 added 10-04-2023 8:21 PM by MellowHorn319 in Deal Talk
At some point one of you, in the middle of testing, looking in the mirror will say “wtf am I doing???” 😆
Post #166183570 added 10-04-2023 8:19 PM by transparent99 in Deal Talk
Ethylene oxide is a gas. Once it has been through the sterilization step, I’m not sure how it sticks around long enough to pose a problem on a swab. So it’s fine to be used to sterilize medical tools...
Post #166171129 added 10-04-2023 9:00 AM by dazedxxx in Deal Talk
Recieved my 2 boxes of tests the other day brand : Celltrion DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Home Test with a new experation of 1-13-24 Thanks.
Post #166158877 added 10-03-2023 2:14 PM by Tqbargain in Deal Talk
thank you for sharing this! Invaluable information.
Post #166140970 added 10-02-2023 3:25 PM by SkydivingSteve in Deal Talk
If your test has a box that says EO on it, avoid it. That means it was sterilized with Ethylene Oxide, which is cancerous to humans through the inhalation passage. EO is fine and has been used for...
Post #166140562 added 10-02-2023 3:02 PM by freshsqueezed in Deal Talk
I received the same brand. The expiration date on my package was January 2023, yet like you already mentioned the FDA has extended that expiration date. While some may say this is a waste of...
Post #166138186 added 10-02-2023 1:10 PM by flamingonut in Deal Talk
I received Celltrion DiaTrust Covid-10Ag Home Tests today. In NJ. Looked up the Lot Codes at and they have an extended expiration date of 2024.01.18, basically 3 months from now. If I...
Post #166137781 added 10-02-2023 12:51 PM by damoochie in Deal Talk
Just received mine in the mail today. They are the Abbott BinaxNOW tests. 2 boxes of 2 tests each. Exp date on the sticker is 7/12/23. Updated exp date on the FDA website 2/12/24. These appear to be...
Post #166121791 added 10-01-2023 3:16 PM by lilgrubbybaby in Deal Talk
But if the government is going to pay for it anyway, might as well take advantage of the program.We all pay taxes, sure. You can either have tests at no additional cost or you can not. I know which...
Post #166121683 added 10-01-2023 3:08 PM by lilgrubbybaby in Deal Talk
Can you link to an official government communication where they say "the expiration dates are extremely important"?
Post #166120663 added 10-01-2023 2:00 PM by bneuen in Deal Talk
We kind of had the opposite experience. My girlfriend was feeling sick, and one of these home tests came up positive. She then went to get a rapid test as her work required a positive on an...
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