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Post #169357834 added 02-19-2024 2:57 PM by JayK80 in Hot Deals
I’d like to know this as well. I signed up back in October and haven’t seen the Costco cash card yet.
Post #169067764 added 02-02-2024 6:00 PM by arodtoo in Hot Deals
Is there an email address or contact to follow up with if you missed the gift card? May have deleted it or got it sent to spam.
Post #168950773 added 01-27-2024 2:52 PM by BIG4 in Hot Deals
Unlimited welcome is cheapest, $65 for one user. I’d rather buy off iPhone and join other network or prepaid. It makes more sense economically
Post #168948508 added 01-27-2024 12:26 PM by flightxxx in Hot Deals
Whats the chespest verizon plan for one user today?
Post #168920185 added 01-25-2024 10:48 PM by silentK in Hot Deals
Apparently online and in store run different offers
Post #168919249 added 01-25-2024 9:23 PM by fightinghippo in Hot Deals
Same for me. Online chat says there is switching rebate but Verizon store and Costco both said no rebates
Post #168896692 added 01-24-2024 6:15 PM by silentK in Hot Deals
Online rep says it’s $300 for ultimate plan ands $100 for welcome plan. Costco rep says no switcher rebate.
Post #168863767 added 01-23-2024 6:47 AM by sdschramm in Hot Deals
from: Costco Digital Shop Card - [email protected] subject: You just received a Costco Digital Shop Card
Post #168859798 added 01-22-2024 9:40 PM by luckytashi in Hot Deals
What’s the email address $250 Costco card come from?
Post #168794098 added 01-19-2024 1:25 PM by coolsidx in Hot Deals
Is the verizon $200 credit still available when buying through costco?
Post #168793627 added 01-19-2024 1:00 PM by tennisplayer888 in Hot Deals
Any deals for the new Samsung S24 similar to this?
Post #168793564 added 01-19-2024 12:56 PM by MerryPiranha4008 in Hot Deals
I got mine few days back. Just wait 90 days after activation date. So in all I got $1000 for Costco GC and $800 from VZ for porting 4 lines from Tmobile. Using $800 towards my future VZ monthly...
Post #168787936 added 01-19-2024 8:19 AM by OrangeHorn6119 in Hot Deals
I signed up around 5th November. Still waiting to receive Costco gift cards. Costco didn’t take membership information but he said based on email I will get them
Post #168787891 added 01-19-2024 8:17 AM by OrangeHorn6119 in Hot Deals
Received $200 GCs from Verizon. Waiting to receive the Costco $250 GC
Post #168782563 added 01-18-2024 9:50 PM by argentum in Hot Deals
Trust me, if you sign a 3 year contract promising to pay them almost $3000 all together, they will allow you to "trade in" a bag of fresh dog $h!t for your new iphone for "free" :)
Post #168782377 added 01-18-2024 9:41 PM by MerryPiranha4008 in Hot Deals
I ordered 4 lines, they get activated on 10/17. Today in email I received four $250 GC. So, exactly 90 days after activation.
Post #168782134 added 01-18-2024 9:22 PM by sdschramm in Hot Deals
I ordered two lines on 10/24/23 and activated both 10/27/23. I received both Costco gift cards today, 1/18/24
Post #168781618 added 01-18-2024 8:46 PM by Isickdealer in Hot Deals
Got my second $250 Costco card today. I ordered 2 15PMs, one at September, one at October 07 that was received October 20. Looks like exactly 90 days after activation.
Post #168610519 added 01-09-2024 1:02 PM by MerryPiranha4008 in Hot Deals
So looks like they send them in email after 90 days of activation and not 90 days of ordering. I think mine got activated on 10/17. So should arrive by 1/20.
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