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Post #166067896 added 09-28-2023 9:53 AM by Baguda in Hot Deals
You're saying once you sort by reviews, manually look up each game in order on to find out which good games are short. That's a good idea. I work somewhat differently. I don't...
Post #166004863 added 09-25-2023 12:11 AM by JBallerCSU in Hot Deals
Tales from the Borderlands and Imposter Factory are two incredible games. Impostor Factory makes more sense if you've played To the Moon first though.
Post #165996262 added 09-24-2023 11:42 AM by dehchoppa in Hot Deals
Ah, I see. Thanks. Yeah, it's more in the middle near "All Games (Number)". Has "Sort By" there. I was looking for it in the left column, where filter / collections are. With creating a dynamic...
Post #165995842 added 09-24-2023 11:13 AM by Sysop in Hot Deals
You don't need to create a collection. You can sort the entire library. it's on the right side, not in the regular list on the left.
Post #165994924 added 09-24-2023 10:14 AM by solidbake in Hot Deals
Yea Sure but of course, they didn't buy it as a charity
Post #165994843 added 09-24-2023 10:08 AM by dehchoppa in Hot Deals
How do you sort the library by reviews? NM, think I got it: create a new collection, and *that* allows specifying sort order by reviews
Post #165993340 added 09-24-2023 8:22 AM by supersaiyanswag in Hot Deals
I swear, Humble Bundle haters have got to be some of the most spoiled brats online. Yes, the prices have gotten higher than they used to be, but the deals are still phenomenal. They also act like...
Post #165992794 added 09-24-2023 7:38 AM by sherretz in Hot Deals
Ever since IGN bought Humble, you can't zero out the amount given to the site. I hate it
Post #165991165 added 09-24-2023 2:19 AM by LZircom in Hot Deals
Twin mirror was horrible but I can't remember why. The original tales from the borderlands is really really good and I thought the new tales wasn't that bad
Post #165991054 added 09-24-2023 1:49 AM by chris431 in Hot Deals
This is a solid set of games for those who enjoy the genre at a great price (particularly the $10 tier) versus the past lows on these games (albeit impacted by whether you own any of them).
Post #165990424 added 09-23-2023 11:52 PM by bosoxdanc in Hot Deals
I purchased many, many bundles over the years and my biggest regret on the site is not buying that bundle when I had the chance. 😞
Post #165988348 added 09-23-2023 8:47 PM by RockPasta in Hot Deals
Goddamnit! IMPOSTER FACTORY is the third game in the “to the moon series” and is basically a phenomenal audio/visual experience (not much of a game) built in rpg maker. I say damn it of course...
Post #165986362 added 09-23-2023 6:21 PM by ManfredIII in Hot Deals
Looking at the games, Before Your Eyes is the only one I'm interested in. I found it for $2.69 on Fanatical though. -> Deal will be dead in 8...
Post #165984496 added 09-23-2023 4:03 PM by BrennenC in Hot Deals
Is the bundle dead? Getting a 404 on the link. Edit: never mind, the link is just broken but can be found on their main page
Post #165983791 added 09-23-2023 3:08 PM by iGottaPee96 in Hot Deals
Opus Echo of Starsong is such a underrated gem. Downloaded it on gamepass blind (I usually hate VN) and ended up loving it. Short but sweet/very memorable
Post #165981841 added 09-23-2023 12:47 PM by joverstreet112 in Hot Deals
I bought the resident evil bundle and am quite happy. They can keep posting their paid advertisements.
Post #165978067 added 09-23-2023 9:21 AM by RectalRapture in Hot Deals
And the posts remain consistent. Virtually all these humble bundle deals are posted by staff, effectively just paid advertisements.
Post #165976306 added 09-23-2023 7:37 AM by WiseFruiter in Hot Deals
The games on these are getting more obscure while the prices get higher and higher
Post #165973348 added 09-23-2023 12:15 AM by ben_r_ in Hot Deals
Any discount codes out there to sweeten the deal?
Post #165973201 added 09-22-2023 11:59 PM by Frank_Nitty in Hot Deals
I might consider this bundle, but it'll probably end up in my backlog...
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