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Post #165986269 added 09-23-2023 5:15 PM by sologhost502 in Deal Talk
Just bought 5 of them for $5.58 with a $3 NO Rush Credit
Post #165982663 added 09-23-2023 12:48 PM by CreditGuy in Deal Talk
Make your own. Everyone has salt and pepper and you should have a spice rack/drawer that you can use to make your own concoction with.
Post #165982630 added 09-23-2023 12:45 PM by CreditGuy in Deal Talk
This is mostly salt and that amount of salt will cost you about .25. I just make my own seasoning blends on the spot as I cook by using a small bowl and my spice rack.
Post #165981436 added 09-23-2023 11:28 AM by rjb702 in Deal Talk
So what brand is better?
Post #165980977 added 09-23-2023 10:58 AM by Deadpoole in Deal Talk
Cook some baby creamer potatoes, put in a ziploc or a tupperware, add 2tblspoons of butter or olive oil and 1 teaspoon of this. Shake.
Post #165980914 added 09-23-2023 10:55 AM by waf4545 in Deal Talk
Hard pass too many recalls
Post #165980083 added 09-23-2023 10:09 AM by Vicdagod in Deal Talk
I guess my previous issue with McCormick caused that. I stopped using McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning because its "natural flavor" ingredient could've been anything. However i don't see that here....
Post #165980053 added 09-23-2023 10:07 AM by Slimeyface in Deal Talk
It depends on what you mean by “synthetic”. It’s derived from Citrus fruits so it’s naturally-occurring.
Post #165980008 added 09-23-2023 10:05 AM by Vicdagod in Deal Talk
Good to know I guess. I been using seasonings forever, including McCormick brands (Montreal Steak seasoning) but havent seen citric acid in those ingredients before this. Seems like it would...
Post #165979684 added 09-23-2023 9:50 AM by mikepoz1990 in Deal Talk
Citric acid is a natural preservative with a pH of 2.2 it limits the growth of any bacteria. In greater amounts it can enhance/change the flavors.
Post #165979687 added 09-23-2023 9:50 AM by Slimeyface in Deal Talk
It’s a preservative. What are you confused about?
Post #165979174 added 09-23-2023 9:26 AM by Vicdagod in Deal Talk
Citric acid wtf.
Post #165979000 added 09-23-2023 9:18 AM by smartdeals in Deal Talk
6-pack here,
Post #165978727 added 09-23-2023 9:02 AM by DublF666 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP!
Post #165977605 added 09-23-2023 7:49 AM by novitchk in Deal Talk
Thanks OP, in for 2 😊
Post #165977569 added 09-23-2023 7:47 AM by weaponx88 in Deal Talk
Salt IS seasoning.
Post #165977527 added 09-23-2023 7:45 AM by desynergy in Deal Talk
$2.59 on September 29, 2021 for the 9.25oz. 1 time purchase, S&S must have not been available.
Post #165977296 added 09-23-2023 7:33 AM by DonutsForDBags in Deal Talk
No. No it won't.
Post #165976567 added 09-23-2023 6:54 AM by stevoluks in Deal Talk
4x for under $4, not bad at all. Thanks OP!
Post #165976429 added 09-23-2023 6:45 AM by UvulaCrusher in Deal Talk
That is exactly why I don't use their products. Salt is not a seasoning. Their products are so salt heavy, by ratio.
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