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Post #167879716 added 12-08-2023 6:14 AM by SmilingPartner335 in Hot Deals
I get 414?
Post #166125475 added 10-01-2023 7:28 PM by thosu2 in Hot Deals
It’s adjustable
Post #166116988 added 10-01-2023 9:58 AM by mistman23 in Hot Deals
In theory yes.. but in the real world they don't work as well and are not nearly as dependable as the tried and true classic window unit design
Post #166110319 added 09-30-2023 9:56 PM by Rokket in Hot Deals
This deal is still available at both Amazon and Wayfair.
Post #166061731 added 09-27-2023 10:25 PM by paco in Hot Deals
On the Amazon site it shows 12...
Post #166048684 added 09-27-2023 9:16 AM by PowerfulCrayon730 in Hot Deals
Is the cooling protection plan worth it? And should I go with this or the refurbished model of the U-shaped AC unit with an inverter for the same price?...
Post #166039135 added 09-26-2023 6:06 PM by zombieface in Hot Deals
I’ll be working out of my garage soon. Would this type of unit work if I connect it to one of the garage door vents?
Post #166032631 added 09-26-2023 12:03 PM by xlaxplaya in Hot Deals
It's annoying but it's doable. You just have to fill in all the empty space on the side with something, I measured the hole after installing and cut a piece of wood to fit.
Post #166032421 added 09-26-2023 11:54 AM by magnetik in Hot Deals
I have this one from the last walmart sd.. it cools real good but is loud AF even on low.
Post #166031929 added 09-26-2023 11:26 AM by JeromeH7219 in Hot Deals
I have a 41" wide window - is there any way to adjust the installation to make this work for our larger size?
Post #166031386 added 09-26-2023 10:55 AM by LEOMHK1.0 in Hot Deals
well.... if you ask them nicely. They might include a Tequila Sunrise !!
Post #166016554 added 09-25-2023 2:46 PM by vishnumrao in Hot Deals
I wish these were the ones with heating as well.
Post #166014634 added 09-25-2023 12:58 PM by MatthewM9759 in Hot Deals
Screwdriver not included? I'm out.
Post #166009342 added 09-25-2023 8:49 AM by skycomas in Hot Deals
Ymmv but just saw this at my local Walmart for $200
Post #166008574 added 09-25-2023 8:11 AM by alm4rr in Hot Deals
Prob b/c end of season, + months of prior similar items offers :peace:
Post #166008547 added 09-25-2023 8:10 AM by g10ny in Hot Deals
Good for locations not needing inverter that can lower noise and reduce energy use. For bedrooms or solar setups, and definitely if you want to control it via wifi from across town, stick with the...
Post #166007122 added 09-25-2023 6:36 AM by Dt171 in Hot Deals
I bought this thing a couple years ago at full price (couldn't find any deals), and it easily cools 400ish square feet upstairs, plus whatever falls downstairs. Seems like a steal at this price
Post #166002415 added 09-24-2023 8:04 PM by Davidhh in Hot Deals
Probably because their much better and more energy efficient u-shaped inverter model was recently posted here at the same price, but for a refurbished model (probably customer returns). Still,...
Post #165998869 added 09-24-2023 2:57 PM by Alpha__Omega in Hot Deals
I have a 12k btu unit cooling about 950sq.ft. But it does need multiple fans to move the air around. Any info on the EER of this unit?
Post #165996427 added 09-24-2023 11:53 AM by Rokket in Hot Deals
Thanks for the nice comment. Glad someone likes this deal; it's getting no attention. :lol: Have a good afternoon! :)
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