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Post #166040017 added 09-26-2023 7:02 PM by Myster2 in Deal Talk
Hows your friend feel about shipping another bundle?
Post #166039300 added 09-26-2023 6:15 PM by EnkhturD in Deal Talk
Dude i live in Mongolia, even i managed to ask a friend to drive to Microcenter and get that bundle and send it to me to Mongolia. U just have to be more creative or want it bad :) , but i feel ya...
Post #166038343 added 09-26-2023 5:18 PM by Myster2 in Deal Talk
I feel like people with microcenters nearby are just taunting us plebs
Post #166029361 added 09-26-2023 9:12 AM by EnkhturD in Deal Talk
I just did a i12900k, msi z690 pro and Ripjaws s5 bundle build from Microcenter for 399$, everything runs just perfect, did lots of benchmark and stability tests. No issues so far. Maybe a year ago...
Post #166025116 added 09-26-2023 1:29 AM by slimdunkin117 in Deal Talk
use a kms server to activate it. It’s free and simple u can google it
Post #166023127 added 09-25-2023 9:55 PM by HonestMammoth473 in Deal Talk
I paid $205 w/ tax for an i9-12900k from MC last month. I don't know that I could have found an equal price-to-performance deal with a 13th gen.
Post #166023091 added 09-25-2023 9:53 PM by HonestMammoth473 in Deal Talk
The combos at MC and NewEgg always seem to include the trash RAM. NewEgg lets you choose the RAM first though and then you can view the "Combo Up" options. I added a 64GB kit w/ Hynix ICs here:...
Post #166023046 added 09-25-2023 9:51 PM by arcace1 in Deal Talk
I agree. I did a build a couple months ago, and all the 11th, 12th, and 13th gen CPUs were effectively the same price to performance. More expensive CPUs performed better, but there weren't any...
Post #166022563 added 09-25-2023 9:13 PM by Oldschool1964 in Deal Talk
I’ve always heard bad things about using ram with different CL timings. I know it is supposed to work at the slowest speed for all memory, but if you look around, you’ll see the reports of people...
Post #166019896 added 09-25-2023 6:14 PM by crackjack in Deal Talk
You cannot unless you are OK with running them at 4800 MT/s or less
Post #166019869 added 09-25-2023 6:11 PM by pcman2000 in Deal Talk
Without a crystal ball or time machine it's always the game you play. That being said much like Nvidia don't expect any blowout prices from Intel now if ever. My 12700K is still only $23 bucks less...
Post #166019665 added 09-25-2023 5:59 PM by IlikeDeals2000 in Deal Talk
I just build 2, 12900k system. Feel like I should wait for 13900k to drop 😂
Post #166019638 added 09-25-2023 5:58 PM by IlikeDeals2000 in Deal Talk
I just build 2 system with the combo from micro center 12900k cpu with msi motherboards. Pro z690a wifi. Working perfectly fine.
Post #166019332 added 09-25-2023 5:35 PM by pcman2000 in Deal Talk
You post this every MSI mobo bundle thread and yet NO one else on here including me has had any major issues with them. Not to mention this is a Z790 with not many but all 5 star reviews on Newegg.
Post #166019170 added 09-25-2023 5:26 PM by basecase in Deal Talk
What was the nightmare with it?
Post #166016548 added 09-25-2023 2:45 PM by Oldschl in Deal Talk
If we look at the history of the processor pricing, the 12th gen i9 went from $600 to $500 in October, and then to around $400/$350 in December. The 13th gen started around $600 and moved to...
Post #166016488 added 09-25-2023 2:42 PM by Will_R in Deal Talk
You can just add a 2nd 2x16 kit for 64GB total. Or buy a nicer 64GB kit that will look the same with better timings for 96GB total and run them at the looser ones of the 32GB kit. ...
Post #166014700 added 09-25-2023 1:01 PM by IlikeDeals2000 in Deal Talk
Do you think 13900k might get lit cheaper if 14th gen releases next month?
Post #166012852 added 09-25-2023 11:34 AM by Oldschl in Deal Talk
I've been looking for an i9 combo deal from Newegg, and I almost pulled the trigger on this combo, but the problem is the memory. It comes with 32GB but I wanted 64. If I look to add a 64GB package...
Post #166006477 added 09-25-2023 5:22 AM by BoboLuck in Deal Talk
I completely agree. My buddy and I both did builds with the MSI Pro Z690 and both ran into the issues of losing our Windows 11 activation doing a BIOS update a couple months later. It was hell trying...
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