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Post #166209274 added 10-06-2023 7:11 AM by VinnyC in Deal Talk
Still love my Corsair Air540 but I'm glad to see there're still other cube cases out there
Post #166178503 added 10-04-2023 3:09 PM by VladC in Deal Talk
If she can't fix that herself and even calls it 'McGyver', she shouldn't be building her own PC in the first place.
Post #166178332 added 10-04-2023 2:58 PM by OrangeGorilla3112 in Deal Talk
I had this happen to me and it is most likely the cables for the power button falling off at the button
Post #166143388 added 10-02-2023 5:52 PM by Krispi_ in Deal Talk
Seems like it would have poor airflow. Currently in the market for Matx and it’s hard finding a solid case with good flow. So far ASUS prime is that top for me. Anyone have any solid suggestions?
Post #166110046 added 09-30-2023 9:34 PM by 7MinAbs in Deal Talk
I swapped my PC (Ryzen 3600/EVGA RTX 3070 FTW3) into this case a few days ago and it lowered my GPU temps by 10 degrees under load, averaging around 60 degrees! I have 7 fans: 2 side inflow; 2 bottom...
Post #166104025 added 09-30-2023 1:15 PM by max1001 in Deal Talk
SSF is a form factor. NUC is a product line from Intel. If it were just a "form factor", why would this be needed?...
Post #166103971 added 09-30-2023 1:11 PM by max1001 in Deal Talk
4 TB nvme exist and their price has been dropping like crazy. For 95 percent of the users, a fast 1 TB NVME for OS/apps and a 4 tb NVME for data/games would do the job. If that's still not enough,...
Post #166101202 added 09-30-2023 9:32 AM by armaf in Deal Talk
I have this case in white, flimsy cheap build but looks nice...however....and it's a big however.... There is zero support outside of the return window. You know how long it can take to piece...
Post #166100977 added 09-30-2023 9:18 AM by KMFers in Deal Talk
I bought the white version a while back. One of my favorite cases, almost a decorative centerpiece. Waiting for someone to diy a functional aquarium/ functional pc.
Post #166100791 added 09-30-2023 9:03 AM by juanjohnson in Deal Talk
They gave 8tb m.2’s
Post #166099771 added 09-30-2023 7:43 AM by DeanT5413 in Deal Talk
Yeah, strap it to 4x4 R/C car and program it to follow you around. Or just enjoy the precise machining that makes parts fit perfectly and everything slide together in a satisfying way.
Post #166099075 added 09-30-2023 6:44 AM by vzingman in Deal Talk
I want my case to last with all outdoor activities and off-roading that I do
Post #166097875 added 09-30-2023 2:20 AM by DeanT5413 in Deal Talk
For sure, unlikely to have anywhere near the robust build quality of Lian Li... Lian Li is supreme.. Just wish they would get behind airflow a little more.
Post #166096942 added 09-29-2023 11:27 PM by VladC in Deal Talk
That's clearly not what Intel says in my quote.
Post #166096930 added 09-29-2023 11:26 PM by redpoint5 in Deal Talk
NUC as a formfactor, not a product line.
Post #166096924 added 09-29-2023 11:25 PM by redpoint5 in Deal Talk
Folks needing more than 2TB of storage.
Post #166096084 added 09-29-2023 9:54 PM by VladC in Deal Talk
Intel announced earlier this week that its compact and upgradable NUC computers were being discontinued,
Post #166096069 added 09-29-2023 9:53 PM by max1001 in Deal Talk
lol. Who the hell is still using 2.5" or 3.5".
Post #166095505 added 09-29-2023 9:02 PM by redpoint5 in Deal Talk
Grrr, what's up with all these useless micro cases? People wanting something tiny with little to no room for drives choose a laptop or a NUC.
Post #166074667 added 09-28-2023 4:29 PM by Escotch in Deal Talk
Got this for my kids build along with the 5600/450 mobo combo they had going.
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